Top 5 Tools to Evaluate Sales on Amazon FBA

All the sellers are trying to do their best in the market and it gives rise to the increase in the competition day by day. To stand on such a competitive market you need to work really hard. And for that, you should have proper data with you. Based on the data, using appropriate tools you can estimate your future business and take the decision if you should carry on and change your idea. The estimated figures are not real, but they can help you get the market trend so that you can have an idea on how much to invest on what and what not to save your money, time and energy. It will help you work on the products that are profitable and beneficial for you.

There are many sales estimators available online that work out a rough figure based on ranking and historical data.  These data, again, are not the confirmed one, but the probabilities. Estimating the sales before launching a product is still a good idea because it is surely better than moving blank without any idea of what will happen to the business.

Here are some examples, to help you find the best estimators online for Amazon sellers.

  • is a free estimator that can be used to estimate the market in the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia. You can verify reviews, stock levels, and price of any product to estimate profit margin quickly.
  • Jungle Scout: The Jungle Scout sales estimator is also free and can be accessed for a rough estimate. It works only on sales ranking. It shows a number of sellers and reviews to offer the categories.
  • ASINspector: ASINspector is the most accurate and reliable Amazon business estimator. It is useful for UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany marketplaces. It promises accurate and instant monthly sales of products that are sold on Amazon. It has notable customer reviews with strong customer support along with the testimonials to back up its claims.  It comprises of features such as warranty, the ‘Find on Alibaba’ option, packaging, and UPC information. It is worthy to make an investment for serious Amazon FBA sellers.
  • is an all in one business manager for Amazon sellers. It features gross sales, profits, promo rebates, fees, ROI and payment information. Amazon sellers can get a free 21 day trial of Hello Profit and thereafter they will be charged per month.  It covers UK, USA, and Canada marketplaces. It is fast and reliable with a straightforward and easy to navigate dashboard.
  • covers Japan and is a profitable estimator. It is very basic and offers packages as per the type of users. The browser plug-in allows customers to calculate estimated business from open Amazon pages.
  • covers huge marketplaces with a great package having a strong sales estimator and industry-leading features. It allows users to view estimated monthly sales, number of people selling the product and all reviews.

It is already said at the begging that there is no estimator to guarantee actual sales and profit, yet investment in an appropriate Amazon sale estimator will give you the advantage of the database to make an informed choice.

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