Things to Cover in Product Description on E-commerce Platform

E-commerce businesses are growing tremendously and large no of customers are getting added almost every day. People now never hesitate to go for online shopping with increase in their knowledge on this platform. They are very much sure to go for the products that can actually make an appeal to them. To educate the buyers about your products and attract them to buy the same, Product Descriptions play the vital role. To formulate such a catchy description, you need to keep in mind some important facts as follows.

Understand your buyers

Understanding the product buyers is a research on your potential customers’ behavior. Targeting anyone as your customer will result into vague description, that will fail to knock at the customers. Rather you should concentrate only on your ideal buyer. You can very well do that by analyzing their buying behavior. You have to find your customer by using your own research.

Your search may start with buyers’ objectives and goals, issues on which they discuss, orientation towards their job, burning questions, content preferences -images, videos or articles, keywords and keyword phrases that the person would use to search for your products and services.

Enhance your knowledge on Product Features and Benefits

Just writing a product description is not enough to attract the traffic. You have to list the product features and how it can be beneficial for your targeted audience. To make them as interesting as possible to the viewers, you can use a popular technique of transforming a feature into a benefit.

Each sentence in your product description should be like answering “why?” Certain level of skills and expertise are needed to write an excellent product description. Also, if you have a number of websites in different languages, then make it sure to translate the features and benefits to the customers correctly and appropriately.

Right Communication

In addition to the product details, communicating in right way with your target audience is equally important. Depending upon your buyers’ behavior, you should select your tone to talk to them. Appropriate communication with appropriate audience results into turning them towards your products and end up making them buy the products.


The content used in your Product description not only provides information about your products but also gives an impression about how the seller is. Errors of any kind, in product description, gives negative impressions. They can easily ruin your image on e-commerce platform and create other issues as well. To avoid such leads, all product descriptions on your website should be perfect to sell more. Thorough proofreading of the content of your product description is very very essential.

In case you are not sure about your writings, then do take help from copywriters and content writers. They will help you in writing excellent contents and proofread them. You can also use some suitable online tools such as Grammarly, FlashEssay, Grammark, and EssaySupply for proofreading and editing.

The Bullet Points

Bullets are great in explaining and providing most relevant information in very precise form. You can avoid huge texts and still make the content interesting using bullets because, the points are short and sweet, can be scanned, describe easy-to-understand product features as well as their benefits to the customer and support the description above them.

Image and video as Product Description

Product Images and Videos are very interesting and appealing feature of your product page. They enhance the visibility of the products online. You can use a video showing how the products can be used and how people get benefited using them.

Above all try to be focused on what you are selling and to whom to finally prepare a good Product Description.

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