No seller really wants to have negative feedback on their vendor’s account. These types of comments not only hurt their reputation but also stop new buyers to get connected with them. Fortunately, now you have a chance to remove some neutral as well as less favorable comments from your account. However before jumping to methods of removing these comments, it is viable to know what types of comments are included in negative feedbacks, therefore in order to aware of our reader, here we have enlisted few feedbacks below:

(Althoughdifferenttypes of e-commerce platforms have different norms but almost their feedbacks rules are same, so have a look over it.)

  • Feedback containing obscene language
  • Feedback comprising of personal information like full name, email id, contact number etc. can be removed easily from the site
  • A comment which covers acomplete review of the product. But things will turnout different if this feedback is partial product review and rest includes detail of the seller who has delivered the services in this casethis feedback cannot be removed.
  • Information shared about ought of the fulfillment of anorder or adverse experience the customer support cannot be removed from the feedback section, although seller can edit it so that one can surpass it without going into detail.

Which Comments Are Easiest to Remove?

E-commerce websites automatically remove first two types of feedbacks. So relax and file a complaint to remove it, once seller complains, these comments automatically get removed from thesite. Therefore, a seller needs to be active and well aware because all sort of feedback information is shared over the website so no need to take thestress of negative comments. Every e-commerce platform is fair and unbiased. Besides, products reviews are also counted in easily removable comments, but one cannot do it regularly, although ahistorical attempt is highly welcomed.

Despite having transparent service norms, e-commerce sites are still a mystery for the seller connected with them, therefore here we are going to tell how you can initiate the feedback removal process of your own:

Although this is not true but there are numerous sellers on e-commerce platforms which beliefthat website automatically reviews and remove negative feedbacks. Therefore they never make any step in this direction. Unfortunately, this is not true, with the technological advancement it is nearly difficult for the team behind the e-commerce platform to review every feedback left on their site. That’s why it is the responsibility of the seller to review and report the matter to the website.

Make a clear request for feedback removal in such a way

  • Click on the help button
  • Contact the vendor support
  • Jump to the orders
  • Hit customer feedback issues

Here you need to explain the problem you are encountering with the order but in profound manner. As soon the website figures that you are correct, it automatically flaunts result in your favor.

Moreover, if you are finding this process cumbersome and ineffective then you can directly shoot an email to the vendor support explaining your genuine reasons and the part where the customer is lacking being in understanding your product. Every polite request gets a favorable answer from the end of e-commerce giants so be assured.