Manage Negative Reviews
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How to Manage Negative Amazon Reviews

Manage Amazon Negative Reviews

Negative product review potentially damages the average rating if it does not have a solid base of positive reviews. But despite good ratings, many shoppers check only negative reviews to get an idea about the issues related to that product. That is how even a single negative review leads to a drop in sales. It is quite obvious that to be successful, sellers surely want to remove the negative feedback from their product page.

Here we will discuss how you can manage such reviews and protect your account.

1) Ask the customer for a revision or removal of the Amazon negative feedback

Feedback can be altered or deleted by the customers easily. So, you can contact your customers directly to discuss it. This process is successful when customers put wrong star rating by mistake or you have eliminated the reasons of negative feedback.

Again while approaching the shoppers, you need to take utmost care of the Amazon’s policies not to pressurize them or offer any incentives or payments for resolving the issue. Be friendly and maintain your tone. You can explain to them how their reviews are important for you and how the negative one can damage your work. If you can explain your concern without blaming them and show them your eagerness to develop the process, then they will surely help you to remove the reviews and enhance the star rating.

2) Removing fake feedback by Amazon

You can ask Amazon to remove inappropriate reviews. Amazon will help you if the customer violates the review guidelines. You should indicate how the shopper is violating the review guidelines to increase your chances of success.

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Remember that Amazon will delete reviews only if there is a specific violation against its guidelines. You should not report each and every review to get deleted. It may lead to damage your status on Amazon. Report a review if it actually violates the guidelines. You should try to find out the fake comments that can harm your business and you can ask Amazon to remove them. You can find out the fake ones if the comments are a one-word type, remarks from a competitor having a commercial interest, third-party material, from the phone numbers, emails, URLs etc.

3) Putting comments publically

You can give your views directly by commenting on the unwanted review explaining the measures you have taken to resolve the problem and that customer won’t face such problems in the future.

If you make it clear on what actions have been taken to eliminate the problem and how its occurrence will be prevented in the future, then potential buyers will be convinced and will come back to your store to purchase even though the negative review is still visible.

If the shoppers correctly criticize your product, then you should apologize for the inconvenience and explain your concern for solving it.

Remember that dealing with negative reviews begins with a good product and customer service. Your prime goal should be to avoid the entire unwanted reviews and eliminate the main causes of their occurrences. You should focus on developing quality product and services to save a lot of hard work and enhance the sales in the long run.

You cannot avoid negative seller feedback, but you can follow the correct steps to remove it or at the very least minimize the effect of one single review on your overall seller rating. Experienced and specialized service providers can help you achieve the same. Our team strategically executes [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Amazon Feedback Management[/dt_highlight] and marketing projects for clients. Call us now +1 844 444 4171 (Toll-Free) for a free consulting.