How to write a Plan of Action when you have been suspended?

The account suspension has become a regular routine in Amazon. Removal of your seller privilege may make you impatient and you may end up taking some steps which will create more problems rather than solving it. It is very important to appeal for reinstatement of your account with an excellent Plan of Action. It must reflect your growth, seriousness, and dedication for your business.

Structure of Amazon Plan of Action

The structure of your Plan of Action is the first thing that you should know. Here is how you can formulate the structure.

  • Explain what was wrong and accept it.
  • Mention the steps you have taken to fix it. Explain the solutions in detail so that the readers can realize that you are actually serious about your business and want to keep it in line with the policies of Amazon.
  • Explain how the actions, taken by you to solve the issue of suspension will prevent it from occurring again in the future. Preventive actions are equally important to the actions taken to solve it.

Matters that you should include

You should include each and every issue related to Amazon. You should work out your Plan of Action keeping in mind all the problems mentioned by Amazon in its email. Make it sure that solutions and preventive action plans are there in your planning. If you ignore any issue, it will become the reason for rejection of your appeal for reinstatement.  Have patience and don’t take any decision in hurry. Take quality time and expert opinion to craft your actions and explain them clearly in your appeal. Stick to the solutions to the issues mentioned by Amazon.

What you should avoid

Do not mention anything out of the issues related to Amazon. Don’t be either emotional or harsh. Don’t be negative or appreciate anyone. Amazon is not at all interested in these factors. They will only see if the question raised on your account is solved or not. Including unnecessary issues may become crucial for you. Do not blame or complain Amazon for anything. That should not be your concern. Your concern should be to get your account reinstated.

Issues that cannot be fixed

There are some serious issues that cannot be resolved. For example:

  • Opening another account when your one account is suspended and not reinstated.
  • Dealing in counterfeit products.
  • Wrong information on product shipment.
  • Repeatedly shipping products that were not ordered by the customers.

If you are involved in such activities then no matter how attractive is your appeal letter, or what is the format of your Plan of Action, your account won’t be reinstated. To avoid such critical situations, you should not involve in doing such activities.

Be sure to implement everything you have mentioned in your Plan of Action, in your business and its operations. The developments must be in real and implemented. Otherwise, even if your account is reinstated once, it will get suspended again. It will be very difficult to convince the seller support team. Such activities will put the trust on you in danger.

Be positive and work in line with Amazon’s policies to continue selling online.