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[Updated] Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

On Amazon, feedback is a significant aspect to help sellers differentiate themselves from the competition. Because of this, Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon can be harmful to a seller’s ability to getting the most sales feasible. Many sellers don’t know that they can remove negative feedback on Amazon in some circumstances if it doesn’t follow the Amazon review guidelines.

How do I Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

Ratings both for sellers and for the products they sell help build belief with Amazon customers. These reviews let people who have bought products from third-party sellers on Amazon let other customers know about the quality and features of products, as well as their experience with the seller. Customers are more possible to select products and sellers with high ratings.

Negative feedback on Amazon in either aspect can have a direct influence on sales for Amazon sellers. Principally negative feedback on Amazon minimizes the possibility that a seller’s product will win the Buy Box. Since generally, more than one seller offers the identical product, winning the Buy Box is very important to get the customer to buy your product. Amazon decides a seller’s entire score of a customer’s experience by awarding or deducting points.

For instance, a sale with no problems would be worth 100 points but negative feedback (a one or two-star rating) would be worth -500 points.

Thus, if a seller has sufficient negative feedback on Amazon they may never win the Buy Box and won’t be able to attract customers to their products.

In severe circumstances, negative feedback on Amazon can even result in Amazon removing your selling privileges. Amazon calculates an Order Defect Rate (ODR), the percentage of orders that have received negative feedback in addition to other unsatisfactory buyer reactions. If a seller has an ODR more than 1% may result in that seller losing their selling privileges, according to Amazon. Thus, it’s significant to reduce negative feedback on Amazon if you don’t want to run the danger of losing selling privileges.

Not only does negative feedback harm your ODR, but neutral feedback does too. Any feedback that is 3 stars or less can harm a seller’s profile. A seller’s profile isn’t just calculated on an average five-star rating, it also incorporated a percentage of positive ratings from the past 12 months. Luckily, there is a way to handle negative feedback on Amazon that will expectantly help lessen the damage they can do.

Amazon Guideline Infringement

As a seller, you must familiarize yourself with the rules Amazon has set forward regarding feedback. If a customer leaves negative feedback that violates those policies, you can appeal that it gets removed. It can really be that straightforward.

Some examples of what is considered ineligible feedback include:

  • Product Reviews: These types of reviews must only be posted on product pages & now seller profiles. In order to provide feedback on a seller’s profile, customers must provide feedback on the service they received from the seller and not the product itself.
  • Promotional content – Any comments or link to other business or websites are not permitted.
  • Obscene or offensive language.
  • Private information.

If your products are part of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, you can have feedback removed if it references the packaging, order picking, shipping and customer service for these things since Amazon is openly liable for those aspects of the order. If your product is not FBA, then any negative feedback regarding packaging, shipping, etc. will not be removed if it does not infringe any other feedback policy.

To appeal the removal of feedback that violates Amazon’s guidelines, just log in to your seller account. Then visit the Contact Us page, choose ‘Selling on Amazon’ and tap ‘Customers and orders’ on the left-hand side. Enter the Order ID and click ‘Next.’ Give the reason for the removal of feedback.

After you submit your appeal, it will be reviewed by Amazon and they will decide if it requires to be removed.

Reach Out to the Customer

If you obtained Negative Feedback on Amazon that cannot be removed, you must consider reaching out to the customer directly. Customers on Amazon have the ability to remove seller feedback. You can try contacting the customer to resolve their issue and then graciously inquire them to take down their negative feedback if you are able to resolve it.

You must be quick when deciding whether to reach out to a customer who has left you negative feedback. A customer has 60 days after they’ve left seller feedback to remove it from Amazon. If you don’t act quickly enough, you may miss that chance.

It can’t harm your cause to apologize to the customer if something went wrong with their order. Showing that you care about and know their irritations can work in your favor.

You must never offer a refund to the customer in exchange for them removing their negative feedback. This is against the policy Amazon has established and could result in the suspension of your seller account. Amazon needs sellers to give good customer service and work to correct any mistakes that may take place on customer orders.

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Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon Step-by-Step

When contacting the customer, do not begin out with inquiring them to remove their feedback. You must first provide an apology and give ideas for solving their issue. If you only show the customer that you want their negative feedback removed, they will possibly feel that you don’t, in fact, care about their issue and won’t remove their feedback. Instead, begin the conversation with an explanation and let them know you understand they are distress and that you want to do whatever you can to make it accurate. You’ll know the correct time to inquire them to remove their feedback depending on how the conversation goes. If you are able to come to a resolution, then you can courteously inquire them to update or remove their feedback.

  • Scroll down and tap on ‘View Current Feedback.’
  • Find Customer Comment and Choose ‘Resolve.’ You will be Forwarded to the ‘Resolving Negative Feedback’ Page.
  • Tap the ‘Contact Customer’ button.
  • Choose a subject from the menu.
  • Compose your message.
  • If you want to, you can comprise receipts or other documents by using the Add Attachment button.
  • Tap ‘Send Email’ to send it to the customer.

If the customer does want to remove their feedback after your discussion, they can do so by following mentioned below steps:

  • Sign in to their Amazon account and visit the ‘Your Submitted Feedback’ Page.
  • Locate the feedback to be removed and choose the ‘Remove’ button.
  • Select from the options why you are removing your feedback and choose ‘Remove.’

Leave an answer if customer Won’t Remove Feedback

There will be circumstances where a customer will not remove their negative feedback. Whether they disregard your messages or reject to remove it, you still have another choice. You can leave an answer to their feedback. This won’t remove it but it will show other customers viewing feedback that you tried to help fix their issue.

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You can answer to negative feedback on Amazon by going to your ‘Feedback Manager’. Scroll down and choose ‘View Current Feedback.’ Find the feedback you wish to answer to and choose ‘Respond.’ Enter your answer and tap ‘Submit.’

You’ll want to keep your answer proficient, courteous and small. You are mainly writing this for other customers who were not involved in the order so there’s no need to write a lot. For example, “We genuinely apologize for the experience you had when ordering from us. We’ve taken steps to guarantee our customer experiences improve in the future.”

Don’t use sarcasm and try to be attractive in your answer. Although you may mean well, it will possibly come off wrong to other possible customers. You don’t want to seem as though you don’t care about the issue the customer experienced.

Negative Feedback on Amazon isn’t always the ultimate

While Negative Feedback on Amazon can be worrying and annoying, it isn’t necessary last. Don’t let it strain you out, you do have choices to try and have it removed. Just stay focused on providing vast products and great customer service to avoid more negative feedback, while taking steps to remove accessible negative feedback.

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