How long it takes to Get Reinstated in Amazon

Developing trust on customer is the most important and at the same time is the toughest job for any business organization. It is far more important to maintain the trust. As once lost, you have to die for establishing the same in the minds of customers. No matter how small or big you are loss of even one customer creates huge loss to the business. As the world is becoming more digital day by day, it is getting easy to distribute any feedback in no time. The e-commerce business owners, therefore, need to be very careful in conducting their business.

A business is successful only when its associates are equally successful and carry the same value and seriousness. Amazon is not different from the rest. In fact because of its trust and value among its customers, it has to be strict in dealing with its sellers team. This in turn results into very frequent seller account suspension. Many people call it as Amazon’s strict adherence to customer obsession. This is one of the Amazon’s strategies, outlined in their main principles. If Amazon team believes that selling procedures or the way of conducting selling by a seller are not meeting Amazon’s standard, for whatever reason, then that seller will surely face his account suspension anytime.

From sellers point of view, an Amazon seller’s suspended account brings the sellers’ entire operation to a halt. There are many lives that depend on a business. People put their heart and soul to make it successful. In such a situation instead of growth if they had to incur loss then their lives will be in troubles. Amazon’s dedication to serve the customers at its best, makes the sellers in danger in many cases. But it does not mean that Amazon never cares for its seller team. Amazon is equally dedicated to its sellers as well. They want their sellers come back in action with powerful stroke after suspension. Facility for reinstatement is because of that only. They suggest with valuable inputs to help their sellers team come back. There are organizations with professional lawyers team to work for the sellers in a systematic manner. Once you go through these procedures, you will come out like polished business man learning what a business is all about.

How long it takes to revert back by Amazon on account suspension?

To reinstate in Amazon, you need to draft your plan of action attaching all exhibits and documents that can make the seller to get reinstated. Attachments are like invoices from the suppliers, proof of the copyright or trademark, and all other information to make your case strong. When all the documents are ready with an appropriate plan of action, then you should submit the appeal letter to Amazon and you will get an answer in two days. If not then you should follow it up asking for a reply. Sometimes getting late can become more fruitful for the seller. It indicates that Amazon is studying your appeal letter  carefully.

How can I get my suspended Amazon seller account reactivated?

We all know that Amazon is the largest online platform in the world. Everybody will agree that such greatness can be achieved through seriousness, superb capability and lot of hard work by many people in an organization. Satisfying customers and meeting their concerns is the backbone of e-commerce business. Huge effort is required to build customer trust and much more needed to maintain that trust. Once you achieve that level, you will never allow anything to spoil that believe. Same goes with Amazon. To safe-guard its customer trusts, it has to be strict with its sellers if they did anything against Amazon’s policies. Violating Amazon’s policies results into suspension of the seller account.

But at the same time Amazon provides opportunities to its seller team to come back again and reactivate their account in Amazon even after suspension. Whatever be the reason of suspension, to reactivate your account you need to go through complete process thoroughly to apply for reinstatement.

How to reactivate after suspension?

Study the suspension letter

The first step to reactivate your account is to study your suspension letter thoroughly. You need to analyze the reason and all other points associated with it. In case there is anything you can not understand, then consult the specialists and understand the reason and find out where you need to work to reactivate your account in Amazon.

Craft out a plan of action

Next step is the crucial part that will decide your account reactivation. You have to design a plan of stating the improvements and corrections you made to improve your business and conduct of your business in line with Amazon’s expectations from its sellers. You can study and take suggestion from others’ suspension cases to get an idea of what to follow and what not. But remember that your Plan of action must be unique one as per your suspension letter from Amazon. Experts guidance is essential to prepare an awesome plan of action that can not be rejected by Amazon.

Prepare appeal letter

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter is very hard. It is better if you take help from well trained professionals who can understand the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon. After analyzing the situation and crafting a complete plan of action for the process only you should start writing the appeal letter for you.>

Apply for reactivation

Now when you are ready with an appeal letter and plan of action, you can apply to Amazon for reactivation. While applying you need to attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter from Amazon and all other supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc.

Follow up

Normally within two days you will get reply from Amazon. In case you do not get any reply, you may contact Amazon team to follow up what is going on. You will get full support and suggestion from the team.Once suspended, being a seller you must work on every minor detail of your business to put it at best position. Your account will be activated only when your appeal shows how serious and dedicated you are for your business.

Benefits of using paid advertisements on Social Media for e-commerce marketing

Those days are over, when you were able to do free advertising in social media. Nowadays almost all popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have started paid advertising for their own businesses as well as for the e commerce marketers. But the expenditure is not that big till now. Research found that social media spending, on average, is just 9% of the overall budget of the organizations which is supposed to be increased up to 22% within next five years. This accounts for a strong planning for marketing activities of e commerce businesses on social media even though the return on this investment is remarkable. That is because of the plethora of tools provided by these advertisement platforms.

Here are some benefits to paid advertising on social networks:

Very Effective Segmentation

Using social media, marketers can easily target different segments of customers by location, interests, age, job title and much more. The custom audience segmenting tool offered by Facebook and LinkedIn makes it possible to around 50-percent reduction in cost per lead. For example, if a seller deals in women clothing, he can post on pinterest, and one having products for young generation can go for posting on snapchat and for oldies, linkedIn. From simple to highly specific segments, almost all social media platforms offer some level of filtering audience.

Sophisticated video advertising

Consumers today are searching for more detail of the product they want to buy to make it sure that they are selecting the right products. Videos of the products allow them to go through how they actually work providing confident to the buyers making them more engaged resulting more conversions. You can shoot a video showing product features along with how it will be used. Videos can explain better than writings and people prefer the same. Popularity of YouTube says it all. Video and social media are the two most growing segments in digital space. Posting videos for advertisement on social media is an excellent idea.

Accurate social data analysis.

There are many technical tools available with many technical solution providers to enable e-commerce marketers to measure each and every aspect of their social campaigns. You can measure how the networks are performing, what types of social content working for you, and the actions are taken by your customers as well. Likes, shares, comments etc. are some of the aspects that a seller can consider. It becomes easier for e-commerce marketers to deal in the results.

Better Content distribution.

Nowadays anybody having an internet connection and a social profile is more or less a publisher. Social media made this happen. More credit goes to the one selling a brand. There are numerous examples of e-commerce websites who engage their customers with valuable contents that can be easily shared in social media. You can try one after another mode of contents like blogs, photos, videos, info-graphics, multimedia etc. to find out what is working the best for your products. Social networks open up endless opportunities to distribute content. Let your social networks showcase your brand and distribute the best you can produce.

Go for content curation

With ample information floating on internet, it becomes easier for the e-commerce marketers to find out the most useful and interesting content on a particular topic that can create value to their potential buyers. You will find blogs and newsletters on many e-commerce sites that serve the purpose. Shopify blog is such an example. STORQ is another example that sells fashionable clothes to expecting mothers and curates pregnancy- related contents for their esteem customers who are useful for them and thus providing them reasons to follow their brand. Amazon also introduced BlogSpot years back to avail the benefits of contents curation.

How Do I Unlock My Amazon Account?

Amazon accounts are getting locked very frequently. Getting locked and the process of unlocking become the regular activities today. But sellers could never think about it while registering. Many sellers think that nothing can happen to the authentic sellers having good products to offer. Ignoring the selling policies results into getting the accounts closed.

The reasons for getting locked could be due to selling prohibited and counterfeit items, not following Amazon’s guidelines, opening multiple seller accounts, unmatched product details, shipping issues, excess order cancellation, negative feedback, creating fake positive reviews or trying to sell your account.

When Amazon locks your selling privileges, they send an email stating the reason of suspension along with the guidelines to unlock it as well. You can unlock your account with a step by step approach as follows.

  1. Suspension letter analysis

Getting an email containing a suspension letter can make anyone restless. Rather than jumping into any conclusion and ending up with making a mistake, do an analysis of the letter. Understand the matter, and get the reason for the same. In most of the cases, sellers used to take actions in hurry and make the situation more complicated.

  • Plan of action

While appealing to Amazon to unlock your account, you should have a strong plan of action, with you, stating what you have done to correct your mistakes. The plan of action is nothing but the modifications and the developments incorporated in your business to make it in line with Amazon. Your plan of action must reflect your growth to attract Amazon to unlock your account.

You should follow the structure of the Plan of Action. First of all, evaluate what went wrong and then mention the steps you have taken to fix it. Next, explain how these developments will prevent the issues from occurring again in the future.

You should include all the issues related to Amazon in your plan of action. Both the developments and preventive measures should be included in the planning. Do not write anything out of the box, for example praising Amazon or blaming anyone. You should focus on the issues only.

  • Appeal letter

An appeal letter is a coherent and clear appeal to unlock your account. Take the help of templates and samples of appeal letters available online. Follow the structure and pattern of the appeal letter and write an exclusive appeal to Amazon as per the reason mentioned in your suspension note. The reason for locking your selling privilege is unique and so should be your appeal.

Attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter. All other supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc. must be attached to your appeal letter to prove your authenticity.

As you are done with all the procedure, wait for at least one week. Usually, within one week, you will get a reply. In case you do not get any reply, you can write to the seller performance team to follow up your case. They will guide you to solve your issues.

It is better that you read and understand all the policies for the sellers to avoid getting locked. Continuous monitoring and controlling the consequences not only keep you away from getting locked but also improve your performance.

Do not take any decision in hurry. It will rather spoil your appeal and make unnecessary delay in unlocking process. Right practice is very important in this case. Here are some guidelines that you should avoid after getting your account closed.

  • Don’t panic because of getting your account locked. It will make the situation critical. Be positive and start preparing for unlocking your account.
  • Don’t submit your first appeal in a hurry. Take quality time to prepare a good plan of action to resolve the issue.
  • Don’t open a second account. It will delay the unlocking process. As Amazon can easily link the locked one with the second and will lock your new account also.
  • Don’t alter the invoices or any other documents. Produce whatever you have with you.
  • Don’t approach to anyone legally against Amazon.
  • Don’t contact Seller Support for unlocking. Only Seller Performance team will help you in unlocking process.
  • Don’t start sending emails just after submitting the first appeal. Wait for the reply. There are a lot of locked accounts with Amazon and so the numbers of unlocking appeals are also very high. That is why it may take some time to get a reply from the seller performance team. Sending multiple proposals will delay the process.

Further, if you have any other query and need any help, you can contact authorized Service Provider, Vintek System. The seller support team in Vintek System is professional and experienced in unlocking services. They will help you in unlocking your account on time.

Amazon Appeal Service

Hello! I am Liza and Amazon seller by occupation.  Here I am going to share the experience about how I got my suspended Amazon account back.  Amazon Appeal Service 24X7 It was suspended unfortunately and I was unable to access it completely. I could not sleep until the reinstatement of the seller account.  After exploration, I came to know about Amazon law experts who helped me immediately. They promised me to recover my account within 24 hours and they proved their potential. I found myself back to the seller account which was an awesome moment for me.  I am just thankful to all of them.

Why does Amazon suspend the seller account?

The seller must know about the exact reason that causes Amazon seller account suspension. We have observed that most often Amazon sellers have no idea about how they need to deal with a suspension problem. Apart from this, they also lack knowledge about the policies which have been stipulated. The online marketplace is the most sensitive one and keeps getting affected by multiple challenges. But issues might not seem like a big deal if you know that you need to manage it proficiently.

The best method is creating an Amazon appeal letter. An appeal letter is a polite way to show your concern to Amazon and make it ready to consider your Amazon account suspension. The accurate plan of action needs to be stated step-wise.

Now we would like to draw your attention towards creating the appeal letter:

  • The first thing is, you must be ready to adopt professional behavior in place of stating anything personally.
  •  Choose to add a short paragraph at the very beginning of the appeal letter so that readers may come to about your concern from the first paragraph.
  • Another thing is that I prefer stating the bullet points to state your all concerns.
  •    Further it is better if you show your concern and state the plan of action proficiently to resolve the issues of customers or buyers.
  • But never take initiative to state anything wrong about the Amazon process.
  •         After the submission of the appeal letter to Amazon, you will require waiting for the response.

These are basic points that you need to follow for Amazon account reinstatement.  The suspension of the Amazon account leads to a big problem for all sellers.  Since the business gets affected badly and proves accountable for the financial loss as well. For this reason, we have created this blog post so that sellers may be able to maintain a distance from such a scenario.

Tactics to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension:

You may initiate with the following methods to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension:

Always tendency to offer the best service to customers: This is one of the most important attributes to maintain business on Amazon account.

You should be aware of checking the reports according to the certain system: Never take initiative to ignore any notification that receives from Amazon. Those can be as usual as photos, images and the correct category of the mapping.

Keep updating your listings at all times:  You should be ready to avoid making any kind of mistakes from your side. Make a listing of your product correctly.

Escape from selling counterfeit products: Never copy the products as it is not ethical.

You should also be aware of managing the negative feedback: The negative feedback by customers creates lots of issues for Amazon sellers.

Do not forget to trademark your brand and account name as well: You will require registering your brand and trademark your account name as well. Several sellers are there who face problems randomly and become unable to access their accounts.

Amazon sellers need to follow all these tips so that they might maintain their seller account efficiently. We have created a webpage to share the relevant piece of information regarding the reinstatement of the Amazon seller account.

What are the points that you need to keep in mind after the suspension of the Amazon seller account?

  • You should never rush to submit your first appeal
    Don’t approach to have a new account.
  • As much as possible, keep yourself away from modifying invoices without any valid reason.
  • Never send a threatening message to Amazon legal action
  • Be polite to the seller performance
  •  Avoid sending various letters to Amazon
  • Never put any blame to buyers
  • And don’t get panic at all

Amazon seller account is the most important thing and for this reason, it is necessary to maintain it proficiently. Our Amazon law experts stay available 24/7 hours to help out the seller customers in no time. We are completely inclined to assist them in all possible ways as much as possible.


Amazon law experts are available to help you at all times. They work incessantly 24/7 hours.  Our main motive is to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension of our seller customers.  This is so because we all know that their business gets affected badly after the suspension of the account it leads to the obstacles in their earnings. For this reason.

Amazon Appeal Letter – Representing what you are

Amazon is a great place of getting success in your business world wide. However, to keep a control over the people who could destroy the image of the platform, Amazon has to follow its own strict policy. Sometimes may be because of some unavoidable circumstances your account may get suspended. This may happen due to lack of a proper plan of action.

Being a seller on a platform like Amazon you should keep your account  . How well you conduct your business is the matter that will avoid your account suspension. In any business you need to keep yourself updated with the market trends and accordingly improve the performance of your business continuously. Well, you must be clear that there is no certainty that your account will never get suspension by Amazon. Hence you should be ready with a plan if you come across such situation.

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter could be very tricky. It is advisable that you train yourself from someone who is well trained and understands the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon.

Here are some points that you should be able to analyze, before preparing an appeal letter.

  • Figure out why your account was suspended
  • Evaluate the selling practice of your business
  • Find out how you can improve your customer service that works basically as the cornerstone of your business.
  • Go through the templates for appeal letters and several samples of appeal letters of Amazon account suspension available on line.
  • Craft a complete plan of action for the process and then start writing the appeal letter for you.

Even the FBA sellers need to prepare themselves to face and deal with such issues. Try to offer products to the customers by using best practices. Your goal is to help your business feel comfortable on Amazon.

Now, in Amazon, before considering reinstatement of seller account, the seller need to provide them with a detailed plan of action explaining how they will comply with Amazon’s policies in the future. The appeal letter must prove that the plan of action has enforced sufficient processes and controls that will be effective in preventing the sale of products that go against Amazon’s policies.

You can go through the help-pages for crafting a Plan of Action (POA) suitable for your business. The particulars that you should study are:

  • • Plan Of Action
  • • Customer Metrics
  • •Selling Policies

Now lets see the steps to be completed while submitting the Appeal letter to Amazon:

• Complete the assessment form of Amazon so that Amazon can determine if there is a chance to appeal your account suspension successfully.

• Select a package of your choice and pay the fee accordingly.

• Now draft an appeal letter along with your detail plan of action based on your suspension reason.

• Then send the appeal letter along with all the documents supporting your plan of action.

• Once reinstate, you can resume selling.