How to Reinstate Amazon Seller Account

Reinstate Amazon Seller Account

Suspension of Amazon Seller account is indeed an unfortunate and hurtful experience for a seller. Whatever may be the underlying issues, the seller is eligible for appealing on account suspension. Here are the steps that need to be followed while you are appealing for the Reinstate Amazon Seller account.

An Amazon seller can avail of the huge opportunity of tremendous business growth by selling to millions of customers and providing them the world-class services. Suspension from such a platform means a big loss to the seller. Sellers must analyze and re-establish themselves to continue getting the benefits of Amazon services. It involves a lot of hard work and proper planning to overcome the situation. Working with professional expertise is a must in this case. If your account is suspended then the Amazon suspension appeal letter helps to reinstate the amazon seller account.

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Being a seller on a platform like Amazon you should keep your account operative continuously. You can get rid of getting your suspended by conducting your business proper way. You need to keep yourself updated with the market trends and accordingly improve the execution of your business constantly. Amazon is very strict regarding its policies. Those who violate their policies and guidelines will face the suspension. Amazon is very strict to set such an example of being a leader in the e-commerce market worldwide. Here are some reasons for which your account may get suspended. You should take care of these points always to avoid suspension by Amazon. Someone said it right, “Prevention is better than action”.

Amazon wants to operate a competitive marketplace that values good customer service. That is why they may suspense your account if they feel your performance is taking a dive. If you’ve violated Amazon’s policies, get ready to face some troubles. Remember it’s Amazon’s own place and you have to abide by their rules. In case you have sold a restricted product Also you need to take action immediately, otherwise you will be banned on Amazon. Banned sellers can not come again to Amazon. Whereas suspended sellers can reinstate. Amazon appeal letter help to reinstate the amazon seller account. Again if in your suspension letter it is written that your account is denied, then it means that your appeal is rejected but you still have a chance to resubmit your appeal. Accordingly, you should take your next step.

How to write a Plan of Action and appeal letter for reinstating the Amazon seller account?

The account suspension has become a regular routine in Amazon. Removal of your seller privilege may make you impatient and you may end up taking some steps which will create more problems rather than solving it. When you are suspended, it is very important to appeal to reinstate the Amazon seller account with an excellent plan. It must reflect your growth, seriousness, and dedication to your business.

Structure of Amazon Plan of Action

The structure of your Plan of Action is the first thing that you should know. Here is how you can formulate the structure.

  1. Explain what was wrong and accept it.
  2. Mention the steps you have taken to fix it. Explain the solutions in detail so that the readers can realize that you are actually serious about your business and want to keep it in line with the policies of Amazon.
  3. Explain how the actions, taken by you to solve the issue of suspension will prevent it from occurring again in the future. Preventive actions are equally important to the actions taken to solve it.
Matters that you should include

You should include each and every issue related to Amazon. You should work out your Plan of Action keeping in mind all the problems mentioned by Amazon in its email. Make sure that solutions and preventive action plans are there in your planning. If you ignore any issue, it will become the reason for the rejection of your appeal for reinstatement.  Have patience and don’t take any decision in a hurry. Take quality time and expert opinion to craft your actions and explain them clearly in your appeal. Stick to the solutions to the issues mentioned by Amazon.

What you should avoid

Do not mention anything out of the issues related to Amazon. Don’t be either emotional or harsh. Don’t be negative or appreciate anyone. Amazon is not at all interested in these factors. They will only see if the question raised on your account is solved or not. Including unnecessary issues may become crucial for you. Do not blame or complain about Amazon for anything. That should not be your concern. Your concern should be to get your account reinstated.

Reinstate Amazon Seller Account

Appeal letter:

A powerful, coherent and clear appeal letter should be designed to meet Amazon’s requirements and to explain complex situations to the reviewers in the language they can understand. Craft a letter to demonstrate your seriousness and confidence for your business. Amazon always helps serious and hard-working people.

To make a strategic move to make yourself prepare and solve the issues of suspension, you may find it difficult and need to approach specialists who can help you in resolving the issue. Always be careful in crafting the appeal letter and remember that it must be in line with the suspension letter. This will reinstate the amazon seller account.

Issues that cannot fix:

There are some serious issues that cannot resolve. For example:

  1. Opening another account when your one account is suspended and not reinstated.
  2. Dealing in counterfeit products.
  3. Wrong information on product shipment.
  4. Repeatedly shipping products that were not ordered by the customers.
Practices need to  follow:
  1. Be precise and specific. Avoid using excusing language, as it creates a negative impression that you didn’t follow guidelines and practices ethically.
  2. Emphasize presenting statistics where possible.
  3. In case of policy violation, make reference to clause specifically that caused the issue and steps you are taking to comply with it.

It is important to consider that the letter of appeal doesn’t guarantee that your account will be re-instated. It’s all up to Amazon, how they will evaluate but, all good you can do is some homework and prepare your response wisely.


I hope, the above article is enough to make you understand the reason for suspension and how to reinstate  Amazons seller account. If you are a new seller you may face problems in the process of reinstatement. The improper procedure of Reinstatement can completely ban your account. So it is better to take help from any professional they will reinstate your account in a very proper manner. You can contact we have also a team of experts who have been working for reinstatement for many years. You can call us on our toll-free number. We take a guarantee of reinstate Amazon seller account.


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