How to recover Locked Amazon Account?

recover locked Amazon account

Are you facing the Amazon account suspension problem? Do you want to know how to recover a locked Amazon account? If you say yes, in touch with our Amazon law experts anytime for your convenience.

The Amazon seller account suspension seems like a curse for any seller. What should be the step to handle the entire suspension issue is the first question that strikes the mind of sellers. We have observed that after getting the seller account suspended, sellers become highly embarrassed and they face troubles deeply. Therefore what should be the correct strategy to tackle the whole situation? These are some questions that come to the mind of sellers several times.

We have stated the relevant factors that will help you to come out of the suspension scenario in no time. This will help you to get back to the seller account which was suspended.

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What should be your strategy to recover the locked Amazon account?

Prepare an Amazon Appeal Letter to approach for recovery of the account.

There is always an option to state the plan of action.
  1. Further, don’t take the initiative to reply as soon as possible after you receive the suspension notification.
  2. You should keep in mind that this is only an opportunity to manage these things.
  3. Abstain from sending various letters to seller performance and if you get the late reply from their side, it reflects that you need to wait.
  4. Never mention an unofficial language.
  5. You should not put any blame on Amazon and the buyer.
  6. You have to use the bullet points and attach the important credentials to ensure them with a clear appeal letter.
  7. Now at the given time, you will require to wait until the reply from their side comes.
  8. You have to file for the arbitration. This will allow you to make a complaint before the senior officials.

How to recover locked amazon account

What are the key factors to avoid Amazon seller account suspension?

Always stay ready to offer the best customer service: The genuine reason that you have to face the suspension problems because of poor customer service. Thus you will require being alert to provide the best experience to the customers.

Keep checking the Amazon report regularly: Never think of ignoring the mail notification that you receive by Amazon.

Keep updating your listings: As much as possible, you need to avoid making mistakes that may occur anytime. You have to list your product title and other factors like visual descriptions in an organized manner.

Never sell the counterfeit products: This is one of the problems that create suspension issues. In case if you observe any foul strategy to manage your seller account, it will lead to the problems.
Therefore all Amazon sellers need to stay cautious of the problems. Amazon seller account reinstatement is possible only through certain steps.


Our Amazon law experts are also available to recover a locked Amazon account. You need to dial only our toll-free number without any delay. This lies accessible 24/7 hours to let you get connected with experts.

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