How to write Amazon suspension Appeal Letter

So Amazon suspended your account did it??? Restarting it ‘s a probably going slower than you would like but we have a few ideas to get your account back up and running in no time. Here’s what you need to know….let us if you have received that notice from Amazon saying that your privileges have been revoked, now it ‘bad! bad! bad day’song probably strikes, unfortunately. Amazon will see some serious problem to how to write a letter to Amazon for the case of suspension Appeal.

Not to worry, we have a few tips to write a suspension appeal letter explain out in a step by step approach.

steps are you have to check your email to why your account has been suspended:

if any sign is mentioned in the suspension email it would be wise to check your records for the sales history and customer feedback for those products then check your old notifications and warning and try to find a pattern. Is there a transgression that Amazon keeps bringing up or is this a one-time event?? It could be something as simple as a large shipment being damaged in transit which triggered a suite of complains and warning for non-compliance with condition guidelines over the  source of the week even if  it was only  time you ship have had a damaged shipment

Now, next 2&step is to how you will rectify and the things which have to remember that your problem has not been occurring in the future:-

it depends on the different situation like that for example: -in case, your order defect rate went above 1.0% over the past 30-90 days. You can find your order defect rate in your seller account by clicking the Performance button and then the Account Health. In this page, you’ll find all the metrics that Amazon uses for all of their sellers.

Again, it’s an important measure to ensure that you’re giving a positive customer experience. To understand your Order Defect Rate, you have to create a list of the negative feedback.

Find out where you fell short in the orders and so these are the points also remember for the future ,now in second case if occur about complaints of owner infringement that is owner is complaining that you don’t have the legal rights to sell their products in your e-store the original brand owner of the product is directly complaining about your Amazon account. Usually, the because you haven’t established a reselling relationship with the owner.

now, steps 3 is preparing a plan.

see the plan is an import role in our life..once you have found your weakness, trace it back until you find the reason behind it. The number of times it happened and the way you responded after every warning. Then put pen to paper and make sure that you show Amazon has tried to resolve the matter before. and prepare a draft of your main points.

Now be aware, address all the relevant issues and formulate your sentence correctly and is not related to the suspension than it’s not worth mentioning in the appeal. if you want Amazon to give you another shot then you have a plan and that you won’t repeat this mistake. Find corrective and preventive measures for every one of the issues you identified in steps 2 and steps3.

Now, steps  4 make last minutes changes…now in this steps depending on the reason behind this suspension ,you may be able to show Amazon that you mean business and score some bonus to include some of the ideas in step4..; it could be series of small damages like upgrating your inventory management system or a important as switiching courier and hiring more shippers.

Now, last 5 step you should  take that submit your Appeal.

Guys once you submit  (hit)on that “Appeal Decision” button.its time for the waiting game again. it take weeks for Amazon to give you the GREEN light .so try to stay on top of your customer communication and performance ,until  then how ever long the down time white.

you are on stand by continue putting into practice what you have set out to do in the ‘plan of action’ so that Amazon service provider does not catch you off guard.also be aware that from this point . you will only be able to reach Amazon by contracting the performance team via email or submit a case.perhaps you are not feeling optimistic just yet..but Here drop us a note for seller Engine to find out what your option and solution could be.

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