How to Reinitiate Amazon Seller suspended Account?

Suspension of Amazon Seller account is indeed an unfortunate and hurtful experience for a seller. Whatever may be the underlying issues, the seller is eligible for appealing on account suspension.Here are the steps that need to be followed while you are appealing for Reinitiate Amazon Seller suspended 

Step 1 Figure out the reason for suspension and acknowledge it

First and foremost you have to identify why your account was suspended? There are basically two parameters that Amazon accounts to suspend your account – performance issues or violation of policy guidelines. Figure it out carefully and proceed accordingly.

Step 2 Create a Plan of Action (PoA) and an appeal letter

For the plan of action do follow these steps –

  1. First, ensure the steps you take to fix the problem mentioned in the notice received from Amazon.
  2. The course of action that you will follow to resolve issues increasing the chances of reinstatement of your account.

An important consideration in regard to the letter of appeal

Matter to include:

  • A clear explanation in regard to the cause of the account suspension. If received multiple warnings in context to issue, mention the latest one corresponding to which you are replying.
  • Steps you have taken to resolve the issue causing suspension
  • The future course of action you will follow to avoid repeating the same cause, leading to suspension

Practices need to be followed:

  • Be precise and specific. Avoid using excusing language, as it creates a negative impression that you didn’t follow guidelines and practices ethically.
  • Emphasize on presenting statistics where possible.
  • In case of policy violation, make reference to clause specifically that caused the issue and steps you are taking to comply with it.

It is important to consider that the letter of appeal doesn’t guarantee that your account will be re-instated. It’s all up to Amazon, how they will evaluate but, all good you can do is some homework and prepare your response wisely.

Step3 Send Plan of Action (PoA) and Appeal letter to Amazon

With your Plan of Action and Appeal Letter drafted well, you are ready to send it for further processing.

How to sent request for reinstatement?

To do this, follow either –

  • Check and click “Appeal” button (found in Performance > Performance Notification screen)
  • Or you can alternatively email it to the following email address [email protected]

Additional information can be found on the “Amazon Seller Central” page under “Appeals for Suspended or Blocked Accounts”.

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