How to Increase your Amazon Product visibility?

Visibility of your products on search engines is a very important factor to drive the potential buyers on your web pages. For the growth of your business online, your offers should appear on every search of your potential buyers. An increase in the visibility will keep you ahead of your competitors as well and pour incremental sales in your basket. There are various ways available by which we come to know how to increase your amazon product visibility.

  1. Keyword optimization: Keywords are vital for the optimization of product and category pages, building site architecture and URL of your webpage. Use as many keywords as possible. You will get strong and long-tail keywords from Amazon, Wikipedia, SHEMRush, and Google keyword planner. You can select the keywords from these sources which are fit for your products.
  2. Listing optimization: Optimize your listing on Amazon with the detailed product name, product description, images, and videos. Make proper use of the number of words and images that you can use for your product listing. Enhanced images and interactive videos will make listing attractive to shoppers.
  3. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads: Amazon sponsored product ads are the most powerful tool for getting discovered and exponential sales for the sellers. Sponsored products are the advertising program to promote your listing on Amazon. Sponsoring product influences the overall marketplace presentation of a seller by accelerating the growth of new and low-exposure products, increasing discoverability for your top Buy Box offers and helping the seller to achieve incremental sales.
  4. Social Media Advertising: Advertising on social media is becoming very popular these days. You will get better visibility of your products on these channels. You can take advantage of the paid services from these channels also. Almost all the popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have started paid advertising for their own businesses as well as for e-commerce marketers. You will get benefitted from very effective segmentation, sophisticated video advertising, and better content distribution using paid social media services.
  5. Competition analysis: To be a successful seller you should invest quality time to understand the product categories in which you are dealing with. This includes exploring the selection in each category and considering where the items would fit in those structures. Keep track of the competition. Identify the competitors available in the market, their size, products, pricing, and promotional activities for planning the strategies of your own business and offer competitive products and prices to your customers. You can offer better visibility of your products only when you have an idea what your competitors are doing and how their products are performing online. You may get numerous ideas for your business as well and analyzing them, you can position your category above all.

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