How to increase sale on Amazon as a new seller

Amazon creates an excellent platform of tremendous opportunities for third party sellers to make a living. Number of sellers on Amazon is rising equally as the number of customers. Every day new sellers from every corner of the world are registering themselves in Amazon Seller Central. It becomes a bit tough for the new-comers to move the traffic towards their online shops. But at the same time it is not very difficult as well. What you need to do are some extra efforts to establish yourself.

Here are some suggestions that can help the new sellers to beat the obstacles of success.

Study the reviews

Study the review forum to understand how customers react and what they want from sellers. It will give you an idea of the customer behavior and the market so that you can plan your actions accordingly.

Get reviews for yourself

You can contact sellers outside Amazon to provide reviews for you. In this case, even if you get  negative feedback on your product, it can help you improve your product without effecting your rankings. It can turn out very fruitful for new sellers.

Give it away for free

Giveaways to customers to generate good will and ranking on Amazon are the best option to clear the stale stock also. Link your Amazon Seller Central account with other sales channels to identify those items and manage your stocks better.

SEO improvement

SEO plays an important role in running business on e-commerce platform and boost up the sales as well. Use as much keywords as possible, improve visibility of the products and its description to get your product find by the buyers. Improving  SEO will enable you to beat the competition already existed online.

Be competitive and win the Buy Box

Pricing is as important as the availability, fulfillment and customer experience to win the buy box. Repricing when one of your competitors is running out of stock will automatically raise your price to assure maximum profit.


When you are new to Amazon, remember to keep advertising your products using all most all the  resources available. Apart from emails and all other advertisement tools, Social Media can become an ultimate exposure to your products with a link to pick and drive the potential customers to your Amazon store.

Go for Discounts

Most of the customers are attracted towards discounts above all other important aspects of a product. You can offer some discounts to drive them towards your store and boost up your sales.

Marketing outside of Amazon

It is quite a good idea to go out for marketing your products outside Amazon. Other than Social Media and email marketing, there are many sites today to write articles, blogs around your subject and link back to your store.

Attaching a coupon at the bottom of your packing slip, fresh deals, one time promotions, free shipping, fast delivery are some more areas where you can concentrate to make people visit your store again and again.

A new seller need to do more research and work harder to become experienced with all the tactics of e-commerce. Competition is same for all, but experienced seller can handle it better.

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