How to Get unbanned From Amazon?

Unbanned From Amazon

Every day thousands of sellers are registering on Amazon, but most of the sellers are not aware of its policies set for its seller team. This results in getting the seller accounts banned. To get your seller account unbanned you need to take help from the reinstatement specialists. Professional and qualified service providers can help you to get out of this situation. Reinstating banned accounts could be the last chance to Get unbanned From Amazon.

Amazon sends an email along with the guidelines for reinstatement. To get unbanned from amazon, sellers need to follow the guidelines and reinstate their accounts.

If the appeal of your account is rejected, you will get another chance to enhance yourself. While appealing the seller must provide all the correct and relevant information along with an excellent plan of action and appeal letter. You have to be very precise, to the point, and make sure that this will not happen again. Failing to convince Amazon will not reinstate your seller account.

But even after several appeals, if your account cannot be reinstated, then your account will get banned. You will get the last email from Amazon stating that you should not contact them again and thereafter Amazon will not read any email from you.

To avoid such a situation, sellers should follow the guidelines and policies set by Amazon. Here is how you can control your business.
  1. You should immediately close the listings of the products with the complaint relates to them.
  2. Use your metrics page, to identify other products, that are potentially problematic products, and use the Product Performance tool to close the lesser performing listings. It will prevent other possible incompatible/inauthentic complaints.
  3. Regularly monitor your product performance list to identify the issues and act accordingly without wasting any time and before they lead to a complaint.
  4. You should close all such listings that are similar to the bottom performing listings
  5. You should also review your actual inventory to ensure that all the products listed on Amazon are authentic, compatible and exactly as per their description. Make sure that the quality of every individual product is checked before it is added to the inventory and sold to ensure that buyers receive the good products.
  6. To prevent complaints against authenticity, do not list products that were not manufactured by the original copyright holders or the manufactures.
  7. Create accurate product descriptions and product images to make them compatible with the actual products.
  8. Regularly review comments which flag up potential problems and act on them on time.
  9. Pay attention to improve your product packaging to increase good feedback.

Being a seller, it’s absolutely your advantage to carry out your organization genuinely. Earning the faith of your customers must be your interest as well. You will get ample opportunities if you conduct your business in line with Amazon and you will lose the market if you did any mistake. It is better that you understand all the policies of Amazon, before taking any step.


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