How to get Amazon Seller Account Reinstated

Amazon seller account reinstated is a process of getting back to Amazon after suspension of that particular account. The reason of suspension could be getting negative feedback from customers, violating any policies of Amazon, selling a restricted product or getting too many returns. Whatever be the issue, the sellers need to work very carefully to get their account reinstated by Amazon.

Amazon needs no introduction to anyone. The giant online platform is very strict on its policies when it comes to maintaining the trust and loyalty of customers. Their policies are equally applicable to all its sellers. No matter how big or how small a seller is, violating Amazon’s policies leads to the suspension of that particular seller account. Getting suspended on Amazon means a huge loss in terms of money, opportunities and the brand image of the business. And the process of reinstatement involves focused and intensive hard work in line with Amazon’s expectations.

How to get seller account reinstated

Seller account reinstatement is an opportunity to get back to Amazon with a superb plan of action to prove yourself. Amazon always helps sellers who are dedicated and serious for their businesses. Here is how you can get reinstated your seller account on Amazon.

Before taking any step to reinstate your account, read and understand your suspension letter. Be clear on why you were suspended. Once you are clear about the issue, you can easily act in the right direction which is the most important factor of reinstatement. Never take any decision in hurry neither go for any short cuts.

If you are clear about the suspension, then design a plan of action in line with the letter and do the necessary improvements and corrections in your business. The developments should be in accordance with Amazon’s expectations. You can study and take suggestions from others’ suspension cases to get an idea of what to follow and what not. But your plan of action must be unique as per your suspension letter from Amazon.

The next step is to write an appeal letter to Amazon. This is a very challenging task. Go through the templates and samples of appeal letters on Amazon account suspension, available, online. You should start writing the appeal letter when you understand the structure and language, understood by Amazon.

Now that you are ready with your appeal letter and plan of action, you can apply to Amazon to get your seller account reinstated. Attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter and all other relevant and supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc. to prove your authenticity.

Generally, Amazon replies within two days of appealing. Yet, if you do not get any reply then you may contact the seller support team to follow up what is happening. You will get full support and suggestion from Amazon seller support team.

Third-party, Amazon Seller Service Providers

Amazon Seller Service Provider, Vintek System, works exclusively for the sellers on Amazon to help them in the reinstatement of their accounts. If you do not know what to do, when you are suspended, or you are facing any problem in any such issues, then you may contact the service provider and get your problems resolved. It is better to take help from well-trained professionals rather than getting into more troubles. You must know that your account will be activated on Amazon, only when your proposal can show your seriousness and dedication for your business.

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