How long it takes to Get Reinstated in Amazon

Developing trust on customer is the most important and at the same time is the toughest job for any business organization. It is far more important to maintain the trust. As once lost, you have to die for establishing the same in the minds of customers. No matter how small or big you are loss of even one customer creates huge loss to the business. As the world is becoming more digital day by day, it is getting easy to distribute any feedback in no time. The e-commerce business owners, therefore, need to be very careful in conducting their business.

A business is successful only when its associates are equally successful and carry the same value and seriousness. Amazon is not different from the rest. In fact because of its trust and value among its customers, it has to be strict in dealing with its sellers team. This in turn results into very frequent seller account suspension. Many people call it as Amazon’s strict adherence to customer obsession. This is one of the Amazon’s strategies, outlined in their main principles. If Amazon team believes that selling procedures or the way of conducting selling by a seller are not meeting Amazon’s standard, for whatever reason, then that seller will surely face his account suspension anytime.

From sellers point of view, an Amazon seller’s suspended account brings the sellers’ entire operation to a halt. There are many lives that depend on a business. People put their heart and soul to make it successful. In such a situation instead of growth if they had to incur loss then their lives will be in troubles. Amazon’s dedication to serve the customers at its best, makes the sellers in danger in many cases. But it does not mean that Amazon never cares for its seller team. Amazon is equally dedicated to its sellers as well. They want their sellers come back in action with powerful stroke after suspension. Facility for reinstatement is because of that only. They suggest with valuable inputs to help their sellers team come back. There are organizations with professional lawyers team to work for the sellers in a systematic manner. Once you go through these procedures, you will come out like polished business man learning what a business is all about.

How long it takes to revert back by Amazon on account suspension?

To reinstate in Amazon, you need to draft your plan of action attaching all exhibits and documents that can make the seller to get reinstated. Attachments are like invoices from the suppliers, proof of the copyright or trademark, and all other information to make your case strong. When all the documents are ready with an appropriate plan of action, then you should submit the appeal letter to Amazon and you will get an answer in two days. If not then you should follow it up asking for a reply. Sometimes getting late can become more fruitful for the seller. It indicates that Amazon is studying your appeal letter  carefully.

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