How do you Reinstate a Suspended Amazon Account?

Customer satisfaction and fulfilling their demands are the two strong pillars of e-commerce business. It requires lot of efforts to build that trust in customers’ mind and needs equal hard work, dedication and seriousness to maintain that trust. Once failed to maintain, it becomes very difficult to achieve again. Amazon also, becomes a great e-commerce platform with all its hard work and greatness to deliver whatever is promised to its customers. To maintain its status, it has to follow its own policies, rules and regulations. Same is true for its associates as well. To be a part of world’s largest online platform the sellers associated with Amazon must abide by Amazon’s selling policies. Your account will be suspended if you do not conduct your business in line with Amazon.

There is always an opportunity behind any failure. In Amazon also, sellers can take this as an opportunity to develop themselves if suspended and bounce back again. Whatever be the reason of suspension, you can apply for reinstatement to start selling on Amazon.

How to reinstate a suspended Amazon account?

Once suspended by Amazon, though there is an opportunity to reinstate seller account, the sellers must know its seriousness. Before appealing for reinstatement, you need to understand the matter, educate yourself with the procedures of reinstatement as well as the policies of Amazon. Here is a quick guide to show you how to approach step by step to make it a success.

Analysis of the suspension letter : At first, you must go through the each and every word of your suspension letter and understand what it is all about. You need to analyze thoroughly to understand the reason and all other points associated with it. You should consult the specialists if you can not make it on your own and understand the letter completely. The more you are clear about your problems, it will be easier for you to find out where you need to work to get a good result.

The plan of action: The most important and crucial step of reinstatement is to prepare the plan of action. It should convey the improvements and corrections you made to develop your business and the conduct of your business in line with Amazon’s expectations. Study other suspension cases in Amazon to get an idea of what to follow and what not. But remember that your Plan of action should be specific to your suspension letter. Experts’ guidance is very important to prepare an awesome plan of action that can not be rejected by Amazon.

The appeal letter: Next is to write an Amazon Appeal letter which is equally tough. Take help from well trained professionals who can understand the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon. Only after analyzing the situation and crafting a complete plan of action for the process, you should start writing the appeal letter. Keep it specific and professional.

Apply for reinstatement: When you are ready with an appeal letter and a plan of action, you are ready  to apply to reinstate your account in Amazon. Attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter from Amazon and all other supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc. to prove the authenticity of your products.

Follow up: Generally, Amazon replies within two days. In case you do not get any reply, contact Amazon seller support team to follow up the case. You will get all the support and suggestions from the team.

Consult well experienced and professional service providers to reinstate seller accounts. They will work for you till your account is activated by Amazon. Along with them you can work on all the details on time, to show your seriousness and dedication for your business.

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