How do I make an Amazon appeal letter to reinstate my Amazon seller account?

As an established e-commerce platform Amazon helps thousands of sellers to success in their business. The no. of sellers are increasing day day. With more than millions customers and a huge seller network Amazon is all set to reach the sky. Being a giant, to control the people who could destroy its image Amazon follows strict strategies and policies. If anyone conforms to these policies, then his account may get suspended.

A seller should always keep his account working. He should keep himself updated with the market trends and accordingly improve the performance of his business continuously.

Well, you must be clear that there is no certainty that your account will never get suspension by Amazon. Hence you should be ready with a plan if you come across such situation.

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter could be very hard. Amazon studies all the appeals for reinstatement very closely. The structure and language of your appeal letter must meet all the criteria of Amazon. Also it must reach Amazon on time. Only Amazon qualified service providers can help you to train and understand the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon.

Before writing an appeal letter, go through the suspensions letter, understand what it is all about and then evaluate your own business. It will help you to identify the loop hole and the area where you need to work. Then prepare a plan of action to develop the business and correct the mistakes done before.

Before considering reinstatement of seller account in Amazon, the seller need to provide them a detailed plan of action explaining how they will comply with Amazon’s policies in the future. The appeal letter must prove that the plan of action has enforced sufficient processes and controls that will be effective in preventing the sale of products that go against Amazon’s policies.

You can go through the help-pages for crafting a plan of action, analyze customer metrics, Amazon’ Selling policies, You-Tube tutorials and training videos suitable for your business.

How to make an appeal letter?

A good appeal letter contains all the essential points.

  • First of all, start with the background of the issue explaining why you are appealing to Amazon.
  • Then explain the steps taken by you to solve the problem. Keep yourself transparent for everything.
  • Be specific to your customer service activities. Never give general explanation.
  • Never blame anyone for anything. Accept the situation.
  • Give a plan of action and solution to prevent what happened.
  • Write in detail the loss due to suspension.

Sometimes, the reason of suspension may be out of your control. But to write an effective amazon appeal letter always take the responsibility of whatever happened and just concentrate on the solutions of the same. Never mind the length of the letter. Be sure to provide everything in detail so that anyone reading the letter can understand what you want to convey them. Avoid general statement. Just explain the matter, the steps taken by you to help the customers, solve the problem by taking preventive measurements.E-mail your amazon appeal letter along with plan of action and all other supporting documents to prove your authenticity to seller support team and wait for at least two days. And then follow up till you are back in action.

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