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How can sellers improve Amazon Products SEO?


We all know it very well, how the competition is increasing every day. To be successful and for the growth of your business, you have to beat the competition before it eliminates you from the market. SEO is one of the vital factors that can change the look of your business. Improving Amazon ranking gives you an edge over the competition. And you should be clear that, when we talk about the Amazon SEO, it means a lot more than just keywords.

Let’s have a look at how you can improve Amazon Product SEO by understanding the most important factors related to it.

  • Keywords optimization: Keywords play surely a significant role in improving your SEO. There are various tools available online for strong keywords such as Amazon suggestions, Wikipedia, Google AdWords etc. You can choose the appropriate keywords from these tools and write the detail of products based on it. You should use as many keywords as possible in the Product Title, Description, Bullet Points, and Features of the product. Competitors’ data will also help you in deciding the same.
  • Images and videos: Use high-resolution images and interactive videos of the product to make it appealing to your buyers. Uploading multiple images with detailing will make it clear about the product. Images and videos are helpful in driving traffic to your web page to convert higher sales.
  • Strategic product pricing: You can improve your SEO by ranking your business higher. As per Amazon’s A9 algorithm, your rank will be higher if your sale is higher. And to draw sales, as most of the customers go for the lowest price online, you can go for pricing your products straightway. A competitive pricing strategy helps you to generate more sales because of the lower price as compared to your competitors.
  • Question and Answer forum: Question and answer forum is an additional tool to keep yourself engaged with the customers and make them inclined to your web page. It is very important to answer the concerns of the buyers and. It is found that customers are inclined to the sellers who pay attention to their needs. It, on the other hand, helps to optimize your SEO by navigating the customers asking questions, to your product page.
  • Attending customer reviews and getting more feedbacks: Like question and answer forum, attending customer reviews on time will help you got faith in them. It shows your concern for them and seriousness for your business. It automatically creates customer loyalty and in future, it will help you in getting more positive feedback on your products to rank you higher on Amazon and hence improving your SEO.

Above all, you need to work on the order processing speed, stock, order defect rate, exit rate etc. to improve the Amazon SEO.

It is quite obvious that you will get nothing without your genuine efforts. And if you work hard in the right direction, then nothing can stop you. For that, you need to know all the techniques in detail so that you can be on the right path and achieve the best.