Dealing with Amazon Returns

Getting returns from customers is quite disturbing for a seller. There may be various reasons for returns such as high priced, defective, damaged, accidentally ordered, no longer needed, unauthorized purchase or not matching with the product shown online. In any case, it is a loss to the seller. Here we will discuss how you should deal in such cases that could trigger your account suspension. You can follow these steps for dealing with amazon returns

Steps to Follow When Dealing with Amazon Returns

  1. Amazon issues refunds immediately when a customer initiates a return using Prime shopping without getting the return. You should maintain a separate folder in your email to keep the record of such emails to verify that you get the return within 45 days.
  2. If you do not get the item within the 45-day limit, request Amazon for reimbursement.
  3. You should protect your seller feedback score by contacting the buyer before they could leave any feedback. It is a good idea to contact the buyer personally and apologize for their negative experience. It will enable the customer to find you as a helpful person and might consider removing any negative feedback if they have already left it. It will also encourage the customer to come back to you again for their requirements. Thus will build a good customer relationship.
  4. You should be certain that all the returns come back to you for the final inspection. So that you can be sure about the exact condition of your product. you can answer if any question arises after selling the item again in the future. Generally, Amazon warehouse workers checks the return item. But you should not leave it to anyone and check each and every item before adding it back to sellable inventory. After checking the item if you put it to your sellable inventory, then make it sure to put a note on it to keep a track on it that the item is returned once by a customer.
  5. Find out the reason for returning your product. In Seller Central, there is an option of running a report. After logging in, choose Fulfillment and then Customer Concession. Then click on Returns to find out the reason given for the return. In case your product is not shown on the report, then you have to open a ticket with Seller Central and raise a question asking for the reason for return. You should know the reason for the return to take appropriate actions in the future to avoid it occurring again.
  6. Inspect the returned items to you. Find out the defects on your own and match with the reasons mentioned by the shoppers. You can write to the seller performance team if you find any discrepancies.

Remember that you do not have to worry about returns if you are taking proactive measures on time and eliminate the reasons that can lead to suspension. If you are serious about doing business in the right way, Amazon will also be with you and support you.

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