Content Marketing Trends That Change SEO

Content marketing is becoming more important day by day. People are investing more and more in creating and distributing content. It is estimated that content marketing will become more than $300B industry by 2019. Such enormous growth indicates that the related SEO industries are also developing and changing their trends.

Here we will see how content marketing trends are changing SEO altogether.

Videos are taking over the market

Videos, an integral part of content marketing, are the most engaging and fastest growing type of content. Consuming an absolute volume of videos results into investing a huge amount of money into video content to generate a higher return on investment (ROI) and better ranking. No need to say why YouTube has become the most preferred channel for video marketing and the second largest search engine. The descriptive videos and keyword-rich, SEO optimized titles are emerging in the market.

To meet the changing scenario, CEOs are now creating more video content for their clients. SEO campaigns help to get your videos rank higher.

Live Video as Trending Keywords

Live videos make perfect sense for the marketers. It is quick and easy to produce, requires no editing, and is fresh. With the growth of live video consumption, brands are quickly responding to the live streaming as their marketing efforts.

Live videos are now becoming an important source of information, especially through YouTube Live, for special events such as a football game or a big event like the US elections. Facebook is already doing it in its search results. For a trending topic that has a live video associated with it, Facebook shows a “Live” tag next to it.

Going “Live” is a great marketing technique and definitely the next step forward for video marketing. You need to produce and optimize live videos for a search engine to meet competition, especially when it comes to covering major events.

Content marketing as marketing strategies

With so many people involving in content marketing, huge competition is emerging in every niche. As a result, driving traffic to content now becomes a challenge for marketers. It gives rise to a new form of advertising called Native advertising. Native advertising is a paid content that meets the requirements of the publication’s editorial standards and the expectations of the audience as well.

Twitter and Facebook ads are also doing native advertising, allowing ‘sponsored’ posts to the target’s feed.

Native advertising solves one of the biggest problems of marketers that is getting traffic to their content. To grow native advertising SEOs involved in optimizing native ads, creating native content and driving traffic from native content into a sales.

Precise and relevant content

We have seen that longer content ranks well for websites. People are investing huge money in creating longer content even for topics that don’t require long content. Also, people are already very tired of reading the same content over and over again. This gives rise to a comeback of short content, especially for topics that do not need deep and elaborated answers.

Instead of focusing on longer content, SEOs are shifting towards offering precise and relevant answers to long-tail questions. Create a short Q&A type content rather than describing the matter and distribute them on your site and social media.

Large brands and publications are now preferring to switch to precise and shareable info-graphics, visuals and videos in innovative ways.

Collaboration between Influencer & Brands

Influencer marketing is now working very well if constructed properly. Brands are now developing meaningful relationships with the influencer. Instead of mere roundup posts and group interviews, marketers are now collaborating with influencer to create something unique and interesting for both their audiences. To create successful collaboration,

    Identify the influencer to develop a relationship.
  • Create mutually beneficial content ideas.
  • Optimize the content.

The growth of content marketing and SEO are interlinked with each other. SEO are now more focused on creating unique and innovative contents to drive traffic and grow exponentially.

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