Amazon SEO

How to increase sale on Amazon as a new seller

Amazon creates an excellent platform of tremendous opportunities for third party sellers to make a living. Number of sellers on Amazon is rising equally as the number of customers. Every day new sellers from every corner of the world are registering themselves in Amazon Seller Central. It becomes a bit tough for the new-comers to move the traffic towards their online shops. But at the same time it is not very difficult as well. What you need to do are some extra efforts to establish yourself.

Here are some suggestions that can help the new sellers to beat the obstacles of success.

Study the reviews

Study the review forum to understand how customers react and what they want from sellers. It will give you an idea of the customer behavior and the market so that you can plan your actions accordingly.

Get reviews for yourself

You can contact sellers outside Amazon to provide reviews for you. In this case, even if you get  negative feedback on your product, it can help you improve your product without effecting your rankings. It can turn out very fruitful for new sellers.

Give it away for free

Giveaways to customers to generate good will and ranking on Amazon are the best option to clear the stale stock also. Link your Amazon Seller Central account with other sales channels to identify those items and manage your stocks better.

SEO improvement

SEO plays an important role in running business on e-commerce platform and boost up the sales as well. Use as much keywords as possible, improve visibility of the products and its description to get your product find by the buyers. Improving  SEO will enable you to beat the competition already existed online.

Be competitive and win the Buy Box

Pricing is as important as the availability, fulfillment and customer experience to win the buy box. Repricing when one of your competitors is running out of stock will automatically raise your price to assure maximum profit.


When you are new to Amazon, remember to keep advertising your products using all most all the  resources available. Apart from emails and all other advertisement tools, Social Media can become an ultimate exposure to your products with a link to pick and drive the potential customers to your Amazon store.

Go for Discounts

Most of the customers are attracted towards discounts above all other important aspects of a product. You can offer some discounts to drive them towards your store and boost up your sales.

Marketing outside of Amazon

It is quite a good idea to go out for marketing your products outside Amazon. Other than Social Media and email marketing, there are many sites today to write articles, blogs around your subject and link back to your store.

Attaching a coupon at the bottom of your packing slip, fresh deals, one time promotions, free shipping, fast delivery are some more areas where you can concentrate to make people visit your store again and again.

A new seller need to do more research and work harder to become experienced with all the tactics of e-commerce. Competition is same for all, but experienced seller can handle it better.


How would I be paid from KDP without a bank account?

KDP is one of the publishing tools on Amazon that helps the authors to use to publish their books online. KDP helps an online book available on Amazon to Kindle readers. There are many features available in KDP like free file conversion, sales tracking, and many more tools that you may use to format such as textbooks and children’s books. You can update your book, work on script, book detail and the cover of the page as well. The self-publishing interface in KDP is very simple and easy to use.

Now, let us see the payment methods to the writers of the books from KDP. If you do not have a bank account, you will get mail for the checks. The checks from different countries will be with their respective currencies. You will need to carry the checks to a bank to cash them. Bank charges a fee to convert the foreign currency checks in local currency. While doing so you may pay more than what you get if it is from a small market. On the other hand if you have a bank account you do not have to pay a hefty fee to the bank.

With KDP on Amazon you can restrict sale of your book in certain regions anywhere in the world to avoid the small market or issues due to currency. But the book will appear on all Amazon sites, showing that your book exists.

Royalties are paid every month from KDP. You will receive different royalty payments from different location of Amazon where you have chosen your book to be distributed. The payment methods that are available from KDP are direct deposit, wire transfer, or check. These payment methods are based on the location of the writer’s bank. The bank may impose fees for some of the payment types. You can contact your bank to get the fee structure for the same while receiving payments from KDP.

If you choose the payment method, direct deposit which is also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), then you will be allowed to receive royalties you earned without any threshold before releasing the funds. This is more secure and environment friendly procedure than the paper checks which you will get in your local currency. In some countries like US, UK, and EU, there is a handling fee per check payment to authors for direct deposit.

Direct deposit is a solution to avoid the handling fee or any other processing fees associated with paper check or EFT as discussed above. As you sign up for direct deposit, your money get deposit in your account immediately irrespective of the amount and in local currency as and when royalties are earned.

While adding bank account, the name of author in the Publisher Information and the same in the bank account must be identical to avoid any duplicate and fraud cases.

Finally, even if there are many ways to get payment from KDP, direct deposit is the best solution to cut the cost and maximize the profit on Amazon.

Ecommerce SEO

How to Optimize E-commerce Websites

Organizations having the best products and website but cannot be reached by the consumers, are in a disaster. Most of the customers while purchasing use the google search engine. Therefore you have to appear on the first page when your product lines are searched by the customers. For this to happen SEO can help you.

SEO helps in optimizing your e-commerce websites to rank higher to make them visible by the target. More the traffic,  more is the chance of an increase in sale. Here is how SEO optimizes your e-commerce website to the rank top.

Setting up efficient keywords

Keywords play the vital role in ranking of e-commerce websites. And it is crucial to choose proper keywords as well. It is advisable to choose keywords from the customer’s point of view, use of the products, think the niche market for the product where competitors have not yet reached.

The anchor text

Anchor text helps your SEO to maximize the potential of the links on the pages. The links can be looked natural with anchor text such as “here” to lead the visitors to go to the similar products pages as you wish to.

No duplicate content

Take care of the duplicate pages opening while clicking on different links. Duplicate pages may make your potential customers leave your website causing a loss in the sale and the customer as well. All the pages must be unique and relevant.

Product descriptions

The product description is equally important like product headlines. It should be complete so that anybody going through it can understand the product. At the same time, it should be unique and appealing having relevant keywords so that Google can find them easily.

Optimized product images

Product images are the triggering factor for e-commerce websites. Hence the images must be of very high quality, compelling and unique and have the potential to be found by the Google Images’ search results. It can help in driving a lot of traffic back to your website. You can also add valuable and unique keywords with the images to describe what it is all about.

Optimized URL

Even though most people ignore it, URLs play very important role for your SEO. The optimized URLs help the search engines to get find out and crawl the website to understand about it. The optimized URL structure also makes it easy to prepare the index of e-commerce website. Not only this, it can inform the visitors about the page and improve their search experience. An user friendly structure keeps  the visitors engaged on the website for longer time to increase the chances of converting them into customers. Hence while designing the URL, think from the customer’s point of view.


Next important factor is the navigation of your e-commerce website. Without proper navigation there may be lot of difficulties for the visitors and they will be unable to either find the product or end up purchasing it. Therefore link the home page to your product pages and then offer relevant landing pages to make them purchasing your product without any hassle.

A fully optimized e-commerce website gets the traffic and is able to convert them to customer as well. Not only this, happy customers keep on coming back with additional traffic with them too. That is why to be success, your website must be optimized in all respect.

Amazon SEO

The Ideas to Boost Amazon Sales through Social Media

Social media is becoming the fastest marketing tool for the growth of businesses. Each and every individual wants to be social and are online to get in touch all the time. Using social media as a marketing tool, all types of organizations be it a small or big are getting benefited with an increase in sales. It is becoming a big deal for Amazon as well to be social as there is no other strong network than the social media. The features like connectivity and sharing make it unbeatable.

Here are how Amazon sales boost up through social media:

Connecting the best channels

Simply having the presence in social media can not work to reach your customers. To reach out to your targeted customer, you have to identify the best social media channels. You can use Facebook, Instagram etc. to interact with your customers as they are likely to be active there most of the time.

The next step is to provide the information of your social media presence on your newsletters, emails, blog posts, etc. so that your customers can explore and find out your presence everywhere.

Engaging customers by telling a story

It is required to engage the customers to retain them. You can create a brand story, that can make an appeal to customers on social media to keep them engaged. Social Media has features to create and broadcast your stories in order to help customers identifying themselves with your brand. Also, keep on posting updates regularly to be online.

Creating excitement through fresh leads

Flashing fresh sales, special offers, referral contests, discounts on selected merchandise regularly keep you active among your customers. Send them the newsletter mentioning all about your future activities. It will help you in keeping your old customers involved and finding new ones.

To make buying on social channels easy

You can help your customers in purchasing easily items on social media by providing buy button option that will take them directly to the purchasing page of your products. It will reduce the efforts of the customers to just one click. It will also result into fast sales. For example, Facebook Buy Button and Buyable Pins on Pinterest are the easy way to purchase.

Circulating User Generated Content (UGC)

The User Generated Content (UGC) can be anything such as product reviews, shopping experience, photo sharing and recommendations. It is found that UGC converts around 97%  of potential consumers into customers. To build brand value and increase sales, you can circulate user-generated content on your social media pages.

A well established online market place like Amazon has a great presence in the social media with its hard to reach and already alive existing customers. Therefore, for the sellers on Amazon, there is direct access to the e-store and huge customer base to sell their products. Products having Amazon Sponsorship makes you target the customers across PC, mobile, smartphones etc. to ensure the visibility of your products.

Ecommerce SEO

How E-commerce Website SEO is Beneficial

Now a days SEO is a common term in e-commerce segment. It is gaining its popularity among the people having their own websites as it helps them in ranking and thus get found by their customers. SEO is nothing but a tool that can be measurable and involves in repeatable process to send signals to search engines and makes your pages available in Google search engine.

Hence we can say that SEO is just a process to prove to the search engines that your website is the best one with respect to quality, trust, uniqueness and interesting to offer to your customers. You need to make people talk about you, link to you, produce good quality content and feedback to make Google more confident on you. Once done, your website will start appearing on the first page of Google.

Gone are the days when there were only giants like Amazon and e-Bay on e-commerce segment. Today, the basics of SEO for e-commerce websites are changing dramatically with big build-in options like  BigCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace.  In the meantime, you can observe a shift in the needs of custom-built websites as well. There are many options for the e-commerce websites to increase sales and conversions just by optimizing them with the best possible plan of actions by SEO to meet your needs. You can offer ample numbers of products, with product description, customer reviews and a custom product video. You can learn from Amazon, Zappos, Body Shop ect. how they are doing it.

DIY-ing SEO for e-commerce websites is both promising and daunting. Implementing SEO strategies is nothing but dealing well in lot of tactics to choose from. Now is the time to go for something big, extra and dynamic process for the owners of e-commerce website, those who are eager to increase their online existence, dying for online traffic and sales. It is not an easy task to run a successful e-commerce  business in this competitive market. To increase their sales on e-commerce website, the e-commerce website owners need to spend all their valuable time in doing market research to generate new ideas for marketing, think exceptionally and dynamically to keep themselves going.

How SEO is Important for E-Commerce websites

It is quite obvious that getting new customers for the growth of your business, can be hard, in case you are not being found by search engines. That is because 44% of online shoppers begin their search with a search engine. Hence it is very important that you should be found to make the customers visit your website for their purchases. All your exercise on special deals like discounts, offers, coupons and above all making a store with quality products will go in vein if you are not found by the customers. SEO works for you to provide you this basic need of e-commerce websites apart from all other facilities to boost up your sales. Go for the best SEO practice you will start getting heavy traffic in your website.