Amazon SEO

How to Increase your Amazon Product visibility?

Visibility of your products on search engines is a very important factor to drive the potential buyers on your web pages. For the growth of your business online, your offers should appear on every search of your potential buyers. Increase in the visibility will keep you ahead of your competitors as well and pour incremental sales in your basket. There are various ways available, to increase the visibility of your products.

  1. Keyword optimization: Keywords are vital for the optimization of product and category pages, building site architecture and URL of your webpage. Use as many keywords as possible. You will get strong and long tail keywords from Amazon, Wikipedia, SHEMRush, and Google keyword planner. You can select the keywords from these sources which are fit for your products.
  2. Listing optimization: Optimize your listing on Amazon with the detailed product name, product description, images, and videos. Make proper use of the number of words and images that you can use for your product listing. Enhanced images and interactive videos will make listing attractive to the shoppers.
  3. Amazon Sponsored Product ads: Amazon sponsored product ads are the most powerful tool for getting discovered and exponential sales for the sellers. Sponsored products are the advertising program to promote your listing on Amazon. Sponsoring product influences the overall marketplace presentation of a seller by accelerating the growth of new and low-exposure products, increasing discoverability for your top Buy Box offers and helping the seller to achieve incremental sales.
  4. Social Media advertising: Advertising on social media is becoming very popular these days. You will get better visibility of your products on these channels. You can take advantage of the paid services from these channels also. Almost all the popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have started paid advertising for their own businesses as well as for the e-commerce marketers. You will get benefitted with very effective segmentation, sophisticated video advertising, and better content distribution using paid social media services.
  5. Competition analysis: To be a successful seller you should invest quality time to understand the product categories in which you are dealing. This includes exploring the selection in each category and considering where the items would fit in those structures. Keep a track on the competition. Identify the competitors available in the market, their size, products, pricing, and promotional activities for planning the strategies of your own business and offer competitive product and price to your customers. You can offer better visibility of your products only when you have an idea what your competitors are doing and how their products are performing online. You may get numerous ideas for your business as well and analyzing them, you can position your category above all.


Amazon SEO

The Strategies for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon sponsored product ads are the most powerful tool for getting discovered and exponential sales for the sellers. Sponsored products are the advertising program to promote your product listing on Amazon. To create the sponsored ads, you need to select the products and keywords for them. Then enter a bid for cost-per-click. Whenever a buyer uses any one of your keywords for searching, your product ads will appear on search results. And, if the buyer clicks on your ad, then only you have to pay a fee for this program.

Sponsoring product influences the overall marketplace presentation of a seller by accelerating the growth of new and low-exposure products, increasing discoverability for your top Buy Box offers and helping the seller to achieve incremental sales.

How to Build Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

The sellers can build sponsored ads to launch new products or feature seasonal products or the products that are on demand. Here is how you can go ahead for the program.

  1. Automatic Campaigns

Many sellers cannot select the right products for the ad program. Neither have they had any complete catalog to offer. In this case, it is better to start with the automatic campaigns.

To create automatic campaigns, go to Seller Central page. On that page, click on Advertising, then go to the Campaign Manager and finally click on Create Campaigns. Automatic campaigns will help you to broadcast your ads to all the relevant customers. You should analyze customer search data for using the best keywords for your product as the keywords play a vital role in a successful campaign.

  1. Segmentation of the catalog

It is observed that segmentation of catalog greatly increases the accuracy of bid adjustments and keyword harvest. If you have 10 SKUs then there should be 10 ad groups. The access to Bulk Operations for Sponsored Products, allows you to manage your campaigns through excel documents. It has a great impact on the bidding strategies and the overall success of the ad programs.

  1. Campaign data

When you want to analyze your campaign data, you will get a report having a variety of metrics. The most valuable data you will get are:

  • The total number of orders per keyword.
  • The total number of product sales per keyword.
  • The total number clicks per keyword.
  1. Create manual for the sponsored products

After finalizing the keywords, create your manual with the SKUs to bid on the keywords. It will help you to trace back your data if needed.

  1. Strategy on costing

Sponsored product ads involve cost per click. Plan your budget strategically keeping in mind the advertising cost and sales. It is very important that your profit should not get lessened due to the advertisement.

For the success of sponsored product ads, selection of suitable product and powerful keywords for the same is very essential. Work with expert professionals to formulate strategies. The experienced service providers will help you to implement them and you will be able to control them accordingly.

Amazon SEO

How to do Amazon Product Marketing

Product marketing is nothing but driving traffic to your store. No matter whether you are a starter or an experienced seller, to move on with selling, you have to keep marketing your product and brand. You may come across the different type of buyer, every day, having different demands. Also, the market trends are changing very frequently. To meet the requirements you should develop your business accordingly. It holds true for all the businesses. Following are some of the ways; you can carry on doing Amazon product marketing.

  1. Market Research: For a successful seller, it is very important to know your customers. A well-defined market research helps you to achieve it in a great way. First of all, prepare a list of questions you want to ask your customers. You can broadcast them on social media and through email. Facebook offers survey creation forms. You can go for them or use some third-party system to prepare the survey forms. Then, review the data, you have collected. Analyze thoroughly and find out the relevant points.
  2. Competition analysis: Do a thorough analysis of your competitors’ products. Your analysis should cover their pricing, product presentation, packaging, accessories provided, missing elements, kind of instructions provided on packaging, marketing strategies, and reviews. You will get many ideas to implement in your marketing strategies and opportunities for your business.
  3. Preparing email list and using the automated email system: From the market research and competition analysis, you should be able to collect emails of your potential customers. Prepare the list and sign up with an automated email service. You can also use two-steps subscription to filter the potential buyers. Now, you are ready with your database and use it to continue your marketing strategies. Email marketing is a powerful tool to contact buyers personally. You will be able to keep in touch with the customers before, during and after selling.
  4. Appropriate content materials: Create excellent content with images to explain why your product is better than the rest, and how it should be used to get the best result etc. Make your own product videos to demonstrate your products and services. You can work with influencers to stay ahead of your competitors.
  5. Packaging: Your packaging can become a very beneficial tool for your product marketing. Selling on Amazon means doing business over a huge network.  Selling one product in this network is an opportunity to market and advertise your product. You can utilize this opportunity by providing your website’s URL, coupons for new products, free e-books etc. to build a relationship with your customers.
  6. Advertising out of Amazon: Driving external customers is very tricky but quite possible. There are numerous channels to pick up for this purpose. You can advertise your products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, to the communities such as platforms like Quora and Reddit, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

You should focus on all kind of marketing tools and see which one is working for you, but concentrate on the strategies that give you better results and leave those giving negligible results.

Amazon SEO

How to Promote Amazon products

Product promotion and business are inseparable. As long as you are into a business, you need to keep promoting your products, be it online or offline. But there is a huge difference in promoting strategically and promoting in general. You should plan your promotional activities in line with your industry standard and focus on your potential customers. There are numerous ways to promote your business online. Here are some beneficial promotional options for your products.

  1. Market analysis: The first step of your promotional activity should be market research. Know your market to understand how you should proceed and what will be beneficial for you.
  2. Competitor analysis: Analyze your competitors and how they are promoting their products. You can get many ideas and decide your actions to beat them.
  3. Optimization of your listings: Optimize your product listing on Amazon. Search engine optimization is very much beneficial to promote your products. Find out quality keywords and use as many keywords as possible to focus on the title, bullet points, product description, seller name, and Q&A section. With Amazon advertising campaigns, you will get many useful and new keywords to implement for optimization of your listings. SEO is an ongoing process. Keep on working on new words and enhance your product listings.
  4. Create your own customer database: Start with the contacts you already have with you to create a database and use automated email service to keep in touch with your customers directly. Offer a free e-book related to your product or coupons to get the emails of your potential customers. Email marketing makes the customers feel good and privileged. Using email services you may ask your customers to drop reviews on Amazon and enhance your product page.
  5. Approach social media: Share your product listing on social media to drive external traffic. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. offer new ways to reach potential customers, engage them and reward the existing customers. It is the best way to showcase your brand. Integrate social media into your promotional strategy to get enormous benefits.
  6. Use sponsored content with influencer: Online buyers highly depend on the views of celebrities and other social media influencers. You can select any influencer suitable for your products and work together to promote your products online. Create sponsored content to team up them to drive the attention of your potential buyers.
  7. Sponsored product ad on Amazon: Sponsored ads on Amazon help you to make your products visible by the search engine and get through the crowd. Select your products and keywords, and Amazon will show up your products on highly visible areas. To be eligible for a sponsored ad on Amazon, your product must win the Buy Box.
  8. Use videos for promotion: Videos are becoming very popular today. It is very easy to communicate exactly what you want to explain to your buyers. You can create original videos to showcase your product, and also illustrate to the viewers, how it works.

Depending upon your industry and your customer segments you should plan your promotional activities. A clear and focused approach will give loads of success to your business.

Amazon SEO

How to Boost Product sales on Amazon

The online sellers need to try hard to develop and implement strategies to boost up sales on Amazon. There are huge numbers of sellers and all of them want to get the traffic towards them. If you have not yet planned for anything like that, then you are definitely going to miss the opportunities. Here are some tactics that will help you to be on track and boost up your product sale.

  1. Provide resources

Online buyers used to research a lot before deciding anything to buy. If you can provide them the knowledge and the values they are looking for, then you will surely get those traffic on your product page for selling your products. Study what most of the people are searching for and then publish the answers in the form of blogs on your web page to make your products visible to the potential customers.

  1. Sponsored content along with influencer

Online customers also rely upon the views of influencer like celebrities and social media influencers. To cater those customer segments, you can select influencer from your industry or anyone who can better communicate with your customer and work together to promote your products online.

  1. Sponsored product ad on Amazon

Getting noticed by the potential products is the most important factor in online selling. You can create sponsored ads on Amazon to get through the crowd. Select the product and keywords, and Amazon will highlight your products on highly visible areas. Your product must be capable to win the Buy Box for sponsored product ads. So, you have to work accordingly.

  1. Customer reviews

Positive reviews on your products can change your sale dramatically. That is because most of the customers read the reviews of the customers who have already bought your products and used them. Goods reviews drive more customers automatically. To get more reviews on your product, you can contact customers through emails and with a note of thanks you may ask them to leave a review about their experience with your product. You may send the note on the packaging as well. Social media can become a real help for you if you are using it in the right way.

  1. Improve SEO

Ultimately it is SEO, which will rank your products higher. Ratings help you in moving the traffic towards your web page. Optimize the keywords to make your products visible and get found by your potential buyers.

  1. Create original videos

Try to create an original video featuring your product and demonstrating how it can be used. Videos are getting popular day by day. Upload it on your website, social media channels, and in your email campaigns. An interacting video will engage customers and boost up the sales.

  1. Create your brand image

To beat the competition you need to go out of the way to create your own brand image in the eyes of your potential customers. You have to spend valuable time creating a good reputation among the buyers. You can think of anything related to your industry and type of customers to extend your hands for supporting customers. You may follow up personally, be transparent on what you are doing and what to expect from you, invest some values for the delights of your customers and share your own story to make them engaged and come back again and again to your store.

You need to work really hard to generate customer loyalty and your brand image to boost up sales on Amazon. Be active and updated to monitor regularly, what is happening all around the world.

Amazon SEO

How to Increase Sales on Amazon FBA

Marketing is an inevitable part of the business. Even though you are in the biggest platform of the world, you need to keep on advertising and marketing your product for the growth of the company. Amazon FBA fulfills the after-sale services and shipment of your products giving an edge above all to create customer loyalty. But, in the world of business working on the increase in sales is a continuous process that must be followed by all, irrespective of the size of the business. Here are some suggestions that you should practice regularly to increase sales on Amazon FBA.

  1. Reviews are important

The appropriate tool for any action is very essential. Similarly, you should have an email automation set up so that all the customers can receive an email having a link to easily review the seller. It should generate another email after the product delivery, asking for a review of the product.

Direct contact with the customers induces more engagement. You can provide an eBook related to the products or a free PDF to increase customer engagement.

Customers’ reviews are very important for you to analyze if you need to develop your business. Read all the reviews clearly and understand what you should incorporate and what not.

  1. Amazon on page optimization

Amazon’s search algorithm doesn’t need repeated keywords. Therefore, to optimize your Amazon page you should use as many keywords as possible, without repetitions. Focus on seller name, title, bullet points, product description, and Q&A section as well for keyword optimization. Amazon advertising campaigns can be a great help for you to find quality keywords for your product listing. If you do the campaign carefully you will get many useful keywords to implement for optimization.

Amazon SEO is an ongoing process. You should always keep on working on new words and catch the relevant searches for your product listings.

  1. Get an edge above your competitors

You can be above all if you keep on working on your product promotion campaigns. Eye-catching deals, subscription offers, price optimization, listing promotional videos, enhanced images etc. are some of the factors on which you can concentrate to get an edge above your competitors.

  1. Drive external traffic

Driving external traffic to Amazon is not an easy task, but possible. You can use social media as per the requirement of your products to get traffic. Using your contacts for email marketing to drive the external traffic can be a great help also.

  1. Global expert

Going globally can increase new customers tremendously. Specific FBA products are eligible for global exports. You can use this facility to increase the customer base and boost up the sale.

  1. Increase your product range

Once your products are launched on Amazon, you should be ready with your next products. Keep on adding new products to your baskets. You can use them to offer some attractive deals and increase your sales.

  1. Keep in touch with the other sellers

Amazon has many Facebook groups for sellers, reviews, coupons etc. you should keep in touch with these groups to be updated with the developments and solving issues. It will help you to enhance your business.

Keep on improving your business status following the above steps so that you can keep growing with the increase in your sales.

Amazon SEO

How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Product

Many people believe that just opening an account on Amazon will make them successful online. People simply sit down and then feel that nothing is working for them. Remember that, you need to work on marketing to be successful. Here, we will discuss how we can drive the traffic to your Amazon products.

  1. Competition Analysis is the first step to understand the behavior of your potential customers. Study the reviews and the actions taken by your competitors. It will give you an idea of how to enhance your presentation to attract the customers.
  2. Optimize your listings so that customers can get your products easily. Use proper keywords for the title, appropriate description, images, and videos to explain how your product can be used, on your product page.
  3. Optimization of your product pricing helps in boosting up your sales volume. To generate traffic and maintain the pricing of the products play an important role.
  4. Using external traffic, you can make a thriving sales channel for your Amazon business. You can either offer discounts or e-books to get the email of the potential customers before actually selling your product through Amazon. You can have your own e-mail list that you can use to promote your products to any channel and get the traffic forwarded to Amazon.
  5. Use appropriate tool for driving the traffics. For example, landing page generator to offer discounts or e-books, email marketing tools, analytics, conversion tracking & targeting tools such as Google Analytic, Facebook Pixel, and single-use promo codes.
  6. There are huge numbers of channels available online to drive external traffic. You can choose from any one more to generate the traffics. For example, search engine marketing (SEM), Twitter ads for Amazon FBA sellers, Pinterest ads, Instagram and Facebook ads, targeting bloggers & influences etc.
  7. Facebook ads are very powerful to generate external traffic sources. With a successful Facebook ad campaign, you will enjoy increased sales, which leads to better rankings and more profits and an edge over your competitors. Facebook offers customized product promotion facility that can be used to focus on your customers.
  8. Encourage review of your products by asking your customers to drop their views about the products when they sign out. Positive reviews create hugely traffics for the products. Most of the customers believe in the reviews posted by the customers who have already purchased or used your products. It helps in creating customer loyalty as well.

For a continuous growth of your online business, you need to move the traffic to your product on Amazon. And to do so, you should follow the right approach. Start from the contacts you have with you and use the social media accordingly. Social media helps in generating traffic with the features of sharing and commenting options. Product and price optimization will enhance your product visibility and rank your product. Altogether acts as fuel to drive the traffic to your Amazon listings.

Further, for any assistance, you may contact Vintek System, toll-free no: +1 844 444 4171.


Things to Cover in Product Description on E-commerce Platform

E-commerce businesses are growing tremendously and large no of customers are getting added almost every day. People now never hesitate to go for online shopping with increase in their knowledge on this platform. They are very much sure to go for the products that can actually make an appeal to them. To educate the buyers about your products and attract them to buy the same, Product Descriptions play the vital role. To formulate such a catchy description, you need to keep in mind some important facts as follows.

Understand your buyers

Understanding the product buyers is a research on your potential customers’ behavior. Targeting anyone as your customer will result into vague description, that will fail to knock at the customers. Rather you should concentrate only on your ideal buyer. You can very well do that by analyzing their buying behavior. You have to find your customer by using your own research.

Your search may start with buyers’ objectives and goals, issues on which they discuss, orientation towards their job, burning questions, content preferences -images, videos or articles, keywords and keyword phrases that the person would use to search for your products and services.

Enhance your knowledge on Product Features and Benefits

Just writing a product description is not enough to attract the traffic. You have to list the product features and how it can be beneficial for your targeted audience. To make them as interesting as possible to the viewers, you can use a popular technique of transforming a feature into a benefit.

Each sentence in your product description should be like answering “why?” Certain level of skills and expertise are needed to write an excellent product description. Also, if you have a number of websites in different languages, then make it sure to translate the features and benefits to the customers correctly and appropriately.

Right Communication

In addition to the product details, communicating in right way with your target audience is equally important. Depending upon your buyers’ behavior, you should select your tone to talk to them. Appropriate communication with appropriate audience results into turning them towards your products and end up making them buy the products.


The content used in your Product description not only provides information about your products but also gives an impression about how the seller is. Errors of any kind, in product description, gives negative impressions. They can easily ruin your image on e-commerce platform and create other issues as well. To avoid such leads, all product descriptions on your website should be perfect to sell more. Thorough proofreading of the content of your product description is very very essential.

In case you are not sure about your writings, then do take help from copywriters and content writers. They will help you in writing excellent contents and proofread them. You can also use some suitable online tools such as Grammarly, FlashEssay, Grammark, and EssaySupply for proofreading and editing.

The Bullet Points

Bullets are great in explaining and providing most relevant information in very precise form. You can avoid huge texts and still make the content interesting using bullets because, the points are short and sweet, can be scanned, describe easy-to-understand product features as well as their benefits to the customer and support the description above them.

Image and video as Product Description

Product Images and Videos are very interesting and appealing feature of your product page. They enhance the visibility of the products online. You can use a video showing how the products can be used and how people get benefited using them.

Above all try to be focused on what you are selling and to whom to finally prepare a good Product Description.