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Amazon Search Term Optimization

We are going to make you familiar with some facts of Amazon search term optimization through this specific blog. It becomes somewhat difficult for Amazon (AMZ) Sellers to explain the literal importance of this process. The study revealed that customers on Amazon neither prefer to “browse” at the time of their lunch hour nor during the journey to their home from the workplace.

Easy Steps For Amazon Search Term Optimization Process

Usually, customers opt to visit Amazon to check out selected items. Therefore they make use of the Amazon search bar to look for this. Thus after due deliberation about the same concern, we decided to help common visitors for this purpose.

What are the impact and importance of the Amazon Search Term?

Amazon search terms comprise of different keywords that Amazon sellers select for confirmation that the product is visible when customers find it online.  The noticeable thing it resembles the regular keywords. Amazon is equipped with some different features about which you need to stay aware of a successful business.

The AMZ’s system has five different fields to denote search terms. In each field, you may put various keywords and it can be extended up to 250 characters in length.

We will discuss Amazon’s rules to optimize search terms:

It is considered that being an AMZ seller if you are willing to have the best outcome, and then keep optimizing your search terms as much as possible. We will let you know about the seven secret tips which will help you stay away from getting penalized.

Select keywords judiciously:

Amazon maintains a focused eye on the use of brand names and other useful keywords in search terms. Taking care of this aspect will prevent your frequented AMZ seller account suspension. Another thing is that Keywords should not exceed 250 characters as it is part of Amazon rules.

Avoid the repeated keywords: The repetition of keywords does not only affect the stipulated characters but also it goes against the Amazon policies of non-duplication in product pages and ads.

Never go beyond 250 characters:

Since Amazon endorses the execution of its imposed policies at all costs, so if any violation is found, then it will lead to the rejection of entire entries in the search term. To manage the mistake, you may use 250 characters separating each by spaces.

Be habitual to compare and contrast:

Researching about competitors is the best way to improve the quality of the keywords. Such practice will empower to attain inspiration to introduce an amendment. One thing always needs to be remembered that copying of keywords may cause its deletion.

Avoid making use of punctuation search terms:

However, it is good to use the certain space for your keywords but punctuation is useless and only takes up your precious character.

Apart from all these, obey all rules of Amazon:

Since Amazon is fully inclined to maintain a fair picture between sellers and buyers, thus it is vital to be under the applied rules otherwise it will lead to the creation of unwanted troubles with seller account. Penalization may also occur along with the deletion of keywords.

What strategy should be followed while optimizing Amazon search terms?

Collect knowledge about your competitors:

This is the proven technique to realize the way of improving the keywords day-by-day. Following this method, you will easily come to know about keywords that are being used by your competitors to stay in the online marketplace.

Follow the result oriented methods for better yields:

Grab an opportunity to popularize your product at the time of high day and holidays. If we talk about the end of the year as an instance, then you may include the Christmas gifts to the search terms. But do all these keeping Amazon policies in mind to prevent the occurrence of any unwanted AMZ seller account suspension?

Choose long tail keywords:

As far as long tail keywords are concerned then it has been categorized under the super specific class. These are used to draw the attention of those customers who are exactly searching for the availability of the item they want. Long tail keywords help to save customer’s time and redirect them towards their searches straightforwardly.

Often execute steps to optimize your search terms:

It is significant to carry a required balance when it comes to optimization of your Amazon search terms. Howbeit you may avoid modification for your search terms because of facts that it is time-consuming to do it on the interval of a certain period of time.

Summarized guidelines of Amazon:

  • Never add brand names or any suspicious words.
  • Try to keep the search term to specific characters.
  • Avoid the repetition of content.
  • Maintain all search terms based on logic.
  • Do not add any fabricated statements about the product

The consistent research says that to stay in the eye of customers, it is obligatory to follow Amazon Search Term Optimization practice and obey all rules and regulation applied by Amazon. Apart from this, follow the updated strategy to meet the expectation of your customers and keep a pointed eye on your competitors.  In the competitive world, regular analysis is quite an important task. Thus be cautious at all times. For more details, you may call us on Toll-Free Number stated here. It lies accessible anytime.

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What should be considered before Listing Products on Amazon?

To be a successful businessman on e-commerce platforms, you must plan everything in line from the very beginning of your business. There are certain aspects that you should consider before registering and some other factors that you must consider and follow after that to maintain your account. Here, we will see what we should consider before listing on Amazon.

  1. Plan for product marketing: You must have a solid marketing plan with you before listing your products. Remember that Amazon will provide you with the platform for huge customer base but you need to introduce yourself to your potential customers. It will provide you with the tools but it is up to you to use them optimally to get the best out of them.

You can use Amazon’s sales estimator tool to get an idea of what to expect if you introduce your product on it. It will give you an overall demand for your product or similar products. Do not forget the performance of your competitors while considering the figure. But if there is a demand for your product then using the right marketing tool, you can get the orders.

You can use the Amazon ads to advertise your product on the e-commerce platform. Apart from this, you can go for driving external traffic to your web page through Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can go for a brand marketing campaign using these social media.

As you have decided where to focus to make your product visible, you should design the templates to float on those channels. Here, come the keywords, images, videos and excellent content to convey the knowledge of your product to your potential customers.

  1. Fulfillment of your orders: Before listing your product, you must be clear how you will fulfill your orders. You can choose the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to meet the shipment and delivery for your customers. Amazon provides all the necessary services to your customer for FBA sellers. Also, your FBA products will automatically become eligible for Prime membership. Consumers love the two-day shipping option offered by Prime. Therefore, you will get some added benefits for it. But then to avail the services, you have to pay some fees to Amazon. Calculate the cost and benefit and then opt the options.
  2. Fees you have to pay: Selling on Amazon is not free. You have to pay a certain amount to use this platform. There are two plans for sellers. One is individual and the other one is a professional plan. You should read all the plans available thoroughly and understand the seller policies before choosing an option.
  3. Amazon’s Policies: It is observed that people used to ignore the terms and conditions of Amazon while listing their products and then they got suspended. Be sure that you understand each and every word written in the policies. If you agree with the conditions applied, then only proceed with your listing. This is, in fact, the most important factor to be considered before your product listing.
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Top 5 Tools to Evaluate Sales on Amazon FBA

All the sellers are trying to do their best in the market and it gives rise to the increase in the competition day by day. To stand on such a competitive market you need to work really hard. And for that, you should have proper data with you. Based on the data, using appropriate tools you can estimate your future business and take the decision if you should carry on and change your idea. The estimated figures are not real, but they can help you get the market trend so that you can have an idea on how much to invest on what and what not to save your money, time and energy. It will help you work on the products that are profitable and beneficial for you.

There are many sales estimators available online that work out a rough figure based on ranking and historical data.  These data, again, are not the confirmed one, but the probabilities. Estimating the sales before launching a product is still a good idea because it is surely better than moving blank without any idea of what will happen to the business.

Here are some examples, to help you find the best estimators online for Amazon sellers.

  • is a free estimator that can be used to estimate the market in the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia. You can verify reviews, stock levels, and price of any product to estimate profit margin quickly.
  • Jungle Scout: The Jungle Scout sales estimator is also free and can be accessed for a rough estimate. It works only on sales ranking. It shows a number of sellers and reviews to offer the categories.
  • ASINspector: ASINspector is the most accurate and reliable Amazon business estimator. It is useful for UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany marketplaces. It promises accurate and instant monthly sales of products that are sold on Amazon. It has notable customer reviews with strong customer support along with the testimonials to back up its claims.  It comprises of features such as warranty, the ‘Find on Alibaba’ option, packaging, and UPC information. It is worthy to make an investment for serious Amazon FBA sellers.
  • is an all in one business manager for Amazon sellers. It features gross sales, profits, promo rebates, fees, ROI and payment information. Amazon sellers can get a free 21 day trial of Hello Profit and thereafter they will be charged per month.  It covers UK, USA, and Canada marketplaces. It is fast and reliable with a straightforward and easy to navigate dashboard.
  • covers Japan and is a profitable estimator. It is very basic and offers packages as per the type of users. The browser plug-in allows customers to calculate estimated business from open Amazon pages.
  • covers huge marketplaces with a great package having a strong sales estimator and industry-leading features. It allows users to view estimated monthly sales, number of people selling the product and all reviews.

It is already said at the begging that there is no estimator to guarantee actual sales and profit, yet investment in an appropriate Amazon sale estimator will give you the advantage of the database to make an informed choice.

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Grow your Business on Amazon

Competition everywhere is getting tougher day by day. So is to sustain in the market. This is true in case of working with Amazon as well. You have to work real harder and follow some well defined strategic moves, to grow in such a market. You have to be alert and updated with the developments in the market to grab all the opportunities and enhance your business accordingly.

  1. Purchase strategically: The first step of your business is your purchases. Choose your vendors and purchase strategically. You can purchase your products off season to get heavy discounts so that you can further sell them at the best price to your customers to keep yourself competitive and drive sales.
  2. Stock Management: Keep your stock optimized so that you will never run out of stock and meet the demand. Your stock can bring the customers of your competitors running shortage of products to grow your products. Analyze the sales cycle throughout the year to plan your stock.
  3. Offer resources: Online customers search a lot before buying. Do an analysis on what, most of the people are searching for and then provide the answers of the same to make your products visible to the potential customers. You can create blogs to offer some good know-how and attract them on your web page.
  4. Sponsored content and influencer: Online buyers depend to a great extent on the reviews of influencer for their own buying decisions. You may opt for an influencer to communicate with your customer regarding your products.
  5. Sponsored product ad on Amazon: The sponsored product ads on Amazon helps a lot in getting huge sales. You need to select your products and keywords for it so that Amazon can highlight them on highly visible areas. To be eligible for the sponsored ad, your product must win the Buy Box.
  6. Customer reviews and feedback: Positive reviews of customers who have already purchased your products can grow your sale incrementally on Amazon. Contact your customers through emails with a note of thanks and send a note on the packaging as well to increase positive reviews of your customers. You may use social media to get some more reviews and grow your business.
  7. Improve SEO: Keep on optimizing the keywords to make your products visible and get found by the potential buyers. Ranking helps in driving traffics and the sales.
  8. Use original videos: Videos are becoming popular day by day. Use original videos to feature your products and exhibit how it is used. Make it as interactive as possible and upload it on your website, social media channels, and in your email campaigns to grow your sales.
  9. Create your brand image: You should go out of the way to create your own brand image. Spend time creating a good reputation among the buyers. Follow up personally, be transparent on what you are doing and what to expect from you and invest some values for the delights of your customers to make them come back again and again in your store.
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Why Most Amazon FBA Sellers Fail

It is true that Amazon FBA is far more promising and fulfillment program to offer success on Amazon. It is one of the greatest developments by Amazon and required a lot of hard work to set it up. Yet, many sellers with FBA facility fail to grow. This is because people do not understand the program in detail and land up making some serious mistakes.

Here is how you may end up doing mistakes and avoid them to grow with FBA.

  1. Taking Amazon easily: Many people think that signing up with Amazon will bring fortune to them. But that is not true. You need to put in a lot of efforts, time and money to be successful in your business. Amazon is a platform of the huge customer base, but you have to reach to them and able to sell your products to get the most out of it. FBA is just a facility to accomplish the order fulfillment after the sale. So, it is your responsibility to know the categories, restrictions, fees, how to reach the profitable niche, pricing, costing and other sales related aspects.
  2. Working all alone: Doing the entire task on your own will make you tired. That is because different tasks need a different time. You should be able to find out the tasks that are killing most of your time with negligible return while the tasks with the huge return are running out of time. You need to concentrate on that neglected part to grow but got stuck on other. It is better you hire persons and delegate those tasks to them so that you can concentrate on the profitable tasks of your business for a long-term benefit.
  3. Sourcing based on the present scenario: This is a big mistake usually done by FBA sellers. Sourcing based on present data will pile up your stock and make them stale. To liquidate the stock, you will have to incur a huge loss. Instead, make your purchasing decision based on historical sales, pricing, and rank.
  4. Not taking the calculated risk for new opportunities: There is always some amount of risks involved in all business. Just to avoid the risk if are not grabbing the opportunities, then there you are making a huge mistake. For the growth of your business, you need to explore new categories, new strategies, and policies, new techniques etc. with the minimal stock so that you can easily come out of it if it becomes a loss for you.
  5. Learning but not applying into action: It is good that you are learning from every aspect of your business, but it is not good for the growth of your business if you are not implementing the same. After starting your work, you will get a lot of opportunities to learn every time, from your customers, competitors, vendors, other sellers from different categories and so on. Find out what is beneficial for your business and implement the same to see your work grow.
  6. Not investing money in your business: Many sellers hesitate to invest money for the tools to enhance their business. Be clear that for long-term success and at a certain level, you have to invest in tools, services, and fees to make more money. You have to open up on spending when your business starts growing.

Take care of the above-mentioned points to avoid failing on Amazon FBA. Manage your time strategically and work on profitable aspects, use appropriate tools to forecast and control the data and grow with Amazon FBA.

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How to Increase your Amazon Product visibility?

Visibility of your products on search engines is a very important factor to drive the potential buyers on your web pages. For the growth of your business online, your offers should appear on every search of your potential buyers. Increase in the visibility will keep you ahead of your competitors as well and pour incremental sales in your basket. There are various ways available, to increase the visibility of your products.

  1. Keyword optimization: Keywords are vital for the optimization of product and category pages, building site architecture and URL of your webpage. Use as many keywords as possible. You will get strong and long tail keywords from Amazon, Wikipedia, SHEMRush, and Google keyword planner. You can select the keywords from these sources which are fit for your products.
  2. Listing optimization: Optimize your listing on Amazon with the detailed product name, product description, images, and videos. Make proper use of the number of words and images that you can use for your product listing. Enhanced images and interactive videos will make listing attractive to the shoppers.
  3. Amazon Sponsored Product ads: Amazon sponsored product ads are the most powerful tool for getting discovered and exponential sales for the sellers. Sponsored products are the advertising program to promote your listing on Amazon. Sponsoring product influences the overall marketplace presentation of a seller by accelerating the growth of new and low-exposure products, increasing discoverability for your top Buy Box offers and helping the seller to achieve incremental sales.
  4. Social Media advertising: Advertising on social media is becoming very popular these days. You will get better visibility of your products on these channels. You can take advantage of the paid services from these channels also. Almost all the popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have started paid advertising for their own businesses as well as for the e-commerce marketers. You will get benefitted with very effective segmentation, sophisticated video advertising, and better content distribution using paid social media services.
  5. Competition analysis: To be a successful seller you should invest quality time to understand the product categories in which you are dealing. This includes exploring the selection in each category and considering where the items would fit in those structures. Keep a track on the competition. Identify the competitors available in the market, their size, products, pricing, and promotional activities for planning the strategies of your own business and offer competitive product and price to your customers. You can offer better visibility of your products only when you have an idea what your competitors are doing and how their products are performing online. You may get numerous ideas for your business as well and analyzing them, you can position your category above all.