Amazon Suspension for Late Shipment

Time plays a crucial role in every business. You may not only lose your important customer but also spoil your reputation in the market – reputation – a very vital key factor to attract traffic for your store. Compromising with time thus may invite a huge fall in your business. And shipment is another very important factor for online stores. Shipping on time is a necessity for all the sellers having online stores. That is the cause why Amazon is so strict on late shipment.

If you are selling on Amazon, you have to be very serious and cautious regarding the shipment. It is recommended to use shipping software to meet the goals of shipment. Being an Amazon seller, you must never ship late; otherwise, your seller account may be suspended.

How to get back your account and come back on track

With Amazon, the seller always gets probabilities to increase themselves and be back on track, yet you must take it very seriously. The Amazon employees ensure all orders before they leave making sure all the tracking numbers are submitted and packages are out. If not then no one leaves.

Thus, once suspended, the seller should send in a good plan of action for shipping to guarantee no late shipments in the future.  Keep these points in the brain while making out your plan of Action.

  1. Keep in stock the items mentioned in your account.
  2. To send within the time-frame, extend your lead time.
  3. In case you are unavailable to ship then your account should put on vacation settings.
  4. Hiring sufficient staffs to manage shipping volume appropriately.

Negative Impacts of Amazon Suspension for late shipment:

There are various negative impacts of Amazon Suspension for late shipment. Some of them are:

  • It enhances Customer dissatisfaction.
  • People lose trust due to it.
  • Work-loss.

What to do if my account gets suspended due to late deliveries?

First and most important is not to reply Amazon’s suspension email without suitable thought. Your account suspension email clearly says why the account was suspended and it enquires for an action plan. So, when you appeal to reinstate your account please consider this:

  • Accept and explain the issue.
  • Explain the reason for the late deliveries.
  • Tell them what you have done instantly.
  • Tell them what you are going to do in a long-term to prevent late deliveries.

Before planning your action, it is best to spend sometime reading forum threads on late shipment. You will learn how to continue for planning your actions. In the proposed plan of action, you should focus on the following.

  1.    Using small sentences and small paragraphs.
  2.    Putting only the authentic reasons and real plan to avoid it. Your plan of action must address the reasons you gave for this occurrence. You should confess to what you actually did.
  3.    Reading the policies of Amazon’s policies cautiously and in detail to know what is expected of you.

Then post your real suspension letter along with your planned plan of action for reinstatement.

Add the power of FBA to your account to keep away from late shipment

Amazon offers precious services to suppliers to avoid them from suspension. Amazon FBA and Amazon Prime are such services that can be used by the sellers to advantage online selling with all the comfort.


Amazon FBA service helps you gaining access to the world of class storage and shipment facilities to prevent the hassles of shipments. With this service, you have to launch your products to an Amazon fulfillment center. They will store it in their own inventory and will select pack and ship your orders to your customers.

Amazon Prime is again a tool that can be utilized to enjoy better product visibility and premium delivery options. Once you become an FBA seller, you will become a Prime seller automatically at no cost.

The Amazon Prime sellers furthermore enjoy unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery options.

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How long does it to take to reinstate your account?

We will compose the customized appeal letter according to your case. Our response time is within 24 hours; thus get in touch with us either via Phone or Email. We also offer account audit service aiming to remove any existing issues and avoid suspension. Dial us now Amazon Support Number (Toll-Free) for a free consulting whenever require. We are ready to assist you round the clock whenever require. Don’t hesitate to dial us, feel free to be in touch with us; we are accessible, Call now +1 844 444 4171 for Amazon Appeal Letter or fill the form”