Amazon Feedback Request: Proven Tips

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! The Amazon Feedback Request by customers plays an important role in managing the Amazon seller account.  Feedback reflects the quality of your product and services. Amazon seller keeps a strict eye on the policies implemented by sellers. It immediately suspends the seller account if any policy violation is found.

 Usually, Amazon sellers have two options after selling the product. Either they wait for buyer’s feedback or they may opt to ask for their feedback themselves. But before initiating these things, Amazon sellers are required to follow the specific steps. Since scheduling an email campaign, there are few things that they need to follow.  Amazon seller account suspension due to the negative feedback is the commonest one. For this reason, sellers need to stay very cautious at all costs.

Let’s talk about Amazon’s review policy:

Amazon is a customer-centric marketplace in the world. Thus it is also prone to market competition as well. Did you ever think that how to manage the unexpected obstacles proficiently?  However, Amazon encourages sellers to ask for customer feedback and also it sends email reminders to buyers. On the other hand, the company mentions that managing high feedback is one of the important factors.

Another aspect is that if a customer is not happy with your product and service then they may drop the negative feedback. The factor associated with requesting emails may also annoy the customers. But even then, we suggest sending the feedback request for not only to boost up the ranking but also it assists you to know the flaws of your service. in this way, you may initiate to improve it to avoid the repetition of any problems.

Tips to establish a campaign:

You always need to follow the Amazon guidelines:  As much as possible, avoid offering any monetary compensation for the feedback. We also say to do not ask for positive feedback. This may lead to a kind of mental pressure on buyers.

Never send many emails at a time:  A good marketing practice comes under the proper management. It is better to send three emails and order confirmation emails rather than many.

Always prefer to create a short email: Buyers don’t want to read lengthy emails. Therefore try to keep it short and to the point.

Now initiate to customize your email: It is good to follow Amazon rules as after that nothing will stop you from personalizing the email with the help of the logo and brand name.

Another thing is that you will need acting quickly to remove negative feedback: In case if you have received negative feedback, it is vital to get in contact with the customer as soon as possible.  Taking initiative to for the removal of negative feedback is essential at all costs.


To run a business on the Amazon platform without any hurdle, you will require managing a well-balanced system between your service and buyers’ choice. These both are interrelated with each other. You may have words with Amazon law experts at a given toll-free number as well for more service.  

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