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Hello! I am Liza and Amazon seller by occupation.  Here I am going to share the experience about how I got my suspended Amazon account back. Amazon Appeal Services 24X7 It was suspended unfortunately and I was unable to access it completely. I could not sleep until the reinstatement of the seller account.  After exploration, I came to know about Amazon law experts who helped me immediately. They promised me to recover my account within 24 hours and they proved their potential. I found myself back to the seller account which was an awesome moment for me.  I am just thankful to all of them.

Why does Amazon suspend the seller account?

The seller must know about the exact reason that causes Amazon seller account suspension. We have observed that most often Amazon sellers have no idea about how they need to deal with a suspension problem. Apart from this, they also lack knowledge about the policies which have been stipulated. The online marketplace is the most sensitive one and keeps getting affected by multiple challenges. But issues might not seem like a big deal if you know that you need to manage it proficiently.

The best method is creating an Amazon appeal letter. An appeal letter is a polite way to show your concern to Amazon and make it ready to consider your Amazon account suspension. The accurate plan of action needs to be stated step-wise.

Now we would like to draw your attention towards creating the appeal letter:
  1. The first thing is, you must be ready to adopt professional behavior in place of stating anything personally.
  2. Choose to add a short paragraph at the very beginning of the appeal letter so that readers may come to about your concern from the first paragraph.
  3. Another thing is that I prefer stating the bullet points to state your all concerns.
  4. Further, it is better if you show your concern and state the plan of action proficiently to resolve the issues of customers or buyers.
  5. But never take initiative to state anything wrong about the Amazon process.
  6.  After the submission of the appeal letter to Amazon, you will require waiting for the response.

These are basic points that you need to follow for Amazon account reinstatement.  The suspension of the Amazon account leads to a big problem for all sellers.  Since the business gets affected badly and proves accountable for the financial loss as well. For this reason, we have created this blog post so that sellers may be able to maintain a distance from such a scenario.

Tactics to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension:

You may initiate with the following methods to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension:

  1. Always tendency to offer the best service to customers: This is one of the most important attributes to maintain business on Amazon account.
  2. You should be aware of checking the reports according to the certain system: Never take initiative to ignore any notification that receives from Amazon. Those can be as usual as photos, images and the correct category of the mapping.
  3. Keep updating your listings at all times:  You should be ready to avoid making any kind of mistakes from your side. Make a listing of your product correctly.
  4. Escape from selling counterfeit products: Never copy the products as it is not ethical.
  5. You should also be aware of managing the negative feedback: The negative feedback by customers creates lots of issues for Amazon sellers.
  6. Do not forget to trademark your brand and account name as well: You will require registering your brand and trademark your account name as well. Several sellers are there who face problems randomly and become unable to access their accounts.

Amazon sellers need to follow all these tips so that they might maintain their seller account efficiently. We have created a web page to share the relevant piece of information regarding the reinstatement of the Amazon seller account.

What are the points that you need to keep in mind after the suspension of the Amazon seller account?

  1. You should never rush to submit your first appeal
  2. Don’t approach to have a new account.
  3. As much as possible, keep yourself away from modifying invoices without any valid reason.
  4. Never send a threatening message to Amazon legal action
  5. Be polite to the seller performance
  6.  Avoid sending various letters to Amazon
  7. Never put any blame to buyers
  8. And don’t get panic at all

Amazon seller account is the most important thing and for this reason, it is necessary to maintain it proficiently. Our Amazon law experts stay available 24/7 hours to help out the seller customers in no time. We are completely inclined to assist them in all possible ways as much as possible.


Amazon law experts are available to help you at all times. They work incessantly 24/7 hours.  Our main motive is to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension of our seller customers.  This is so because we all know that their business gets affected badly after the suspension of the account it leads to the obstacles in their earnings. For this reason,immediately contact us at our Amazon Toll-Free Number anytime to have appropriate Amazon appeal services.

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