How to create a Amazon Appeal Plan of Action to reinstate account

Amazon Appeal Plan of Action

Getting your selling privilege suspended by Amazon is a part of doing business on Amazon. It may make you restless to jump into some unwanted activities spoiling the situation. Do not panic and move ahead to solve the issue. Your selling privileges can be reinstated and you can start your business again. What you need is an excellent Plan of Action reflecting your seriousness, and dedication for your business. If you are thinking of How to create a Plan of Action to reinstate selling privileges, then here is the answer.

  1. How to formulate the structure

First of all, you understand the structure of your Plan of Action. Here is how you should proceed:

  • The plan of action should start with an explanation of the mistake. Accept whatever happened and go ahead to solve it.
  • Mention the solutions you have taken to solve it. Explain to them in detail to demonstrate how the solutions will keep your business in line with Amazon’s policies.
  • The next step is to formulate the preventive measurements. This is an important part of your Plan of Action. Explain how you have developed your business to stop such things to happen.
  • Stuff that you should include

You should be very clear about what to include in your plan of action. Include all issues raised by Amazon. Provide solutions and preventive action plans for each of them. Do not ignore any issues. It may lead to rejection of your appeal for reinstatement.

Invest quality time and take an expert’s opinion to design your actions and explain them clearly in your appeal. Stick to the solutions and preventive actions only. Be transparent and show your eagerness to get back your selling privileges.

  • Stuff you should not include

Do not include anything, not related to the issues raised by Amazon. You should not be either emotional or ruthless. There should not be anything negative about Amazon or your customer. Do not use praising words also. Amazon is not at all interested in these things. What it will see is the answer to the question raised on your selling privileges. Including unnecessary issues may complicate your appeal. Your concern should be to get your account reinstated.

  • Serious cases that cannot be resolved

There are some serious issues that cannot be resolved on Amazon. For example:

  • Opening a second account when your suspended account is not reinstated.
  • Selling counterfeit items.
  • Wrong information on product shipment.
  • Shipping items repeatedly, not ordered by the customers.

People involved in such activities cannot reinstate their accounts. Be careful while taking any decision. Read all the selling policies and follow them to stay away from such issues.

Finally, after designing your plan, make sure to implement them in your business. The developments, mentioned in your planning must be real and implemented. Otherwise, it will get suspended again. You will lose the trust of Amazon on you and it will become really very tough to convince them.

Keep everything clear and accountable. Then only you can reinstate your selling privileges.

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