Amazon Appeal Letter – Representing what you are

Amazon is a great place of getting success in your business world wide. However, to keep a control over the people who could destroy the image of the platform, Amazon has to follow its own strict policy. Sometimes may be because of some unavoidable circumstances your account may get suspended. This may happen due to lack of a proper plan of action.

Being a seller on a platform like Amazon you should keep your account  . How well you conduct your business is the matter that will avoid your account suspension. In any business you need to keep yourself updated with the market trends and accordingly improve the performance of your business continuously. Well, you must be clear that there is no certainty that your account will never get suspension by Amazon. Hence you should be ready with a plan if you come across such situation.

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter could be very tricky. It is advisable that you train yourself from someone who is well trained and understands the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon.

Here are some points that you should be able to analyze, before preparing an appeal letter.

  • Figure out why your account was suspended
  • Evaluate the selling practice of your business
  • Find out how you can improve your customer service that works basically as the cornerstone of your business.
  • Go through the templates for appeal letters and several samples of appeal letters of Amazon account suspension available on line.
  • Craft a complete plan of action for the process and then start writing the appeal letter for you.

Even the FBA sellers need to prepare themselves to face and deal with such issues. Try to offer products to the customers by using best practices. Your goal is to help your business feel comfortable on Amazon.

Now, in Amazon, before considering reinstatement of seller account, the seller need to provide them with a detailed plan of action explaining how they will comply with Amazon’s policies in the future. The appeal letter must prove that the plan of action has enforced sufficient processes and controls that will be effective in preventing the sale of products that go against Amazon’s policies.

You can go through the help-pages for crafting a Plan of Action (POA) suitable for your business. The particulars that you should study are:

  • • Plan Of Action
  • • Customer Metrics
  • •Selling Policies

Now lets see the steps to be completed while submitting the Appeal letter to Amazon:

• Complete the assessment form of Amazon so that Amazon can determine if there is a chance to appeal your account suspension successfully.

• Select a package of your choice and pay the fee accordingly.

• Now draft an appeal letter along with your detail plan of action based on your suspension reason.

• Then send the appeal letter along with all the documents supporting your plan of action.

• Once reinstate, you can resume selling.

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