Amazon account suspended for Counterfeit

Selling counterfeit or fake products is a serious offense. If you are not a manufacturer and buying products from vendors, then be very careful while selecting them. The seller should never compromise on the vendor selection process and must verify vendor, products and the related documents very carefully. Once you are confident about your products, no one can file any case against you.if you are found to be guilty Amazon account suspended for Counterfeit

As per the sources, a case was filed against a seller for selling fake versions of the TRX Suspension Trainer workout bands and Forearm Forklift. Not only this, brands like Gucci, Adidas, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Chanel and many more have filed case against sellers directly and against the level like Amazon also.

This time in some recent cases, for the first time, Amazon, itself, has gone after counterfeit-sellers in court, using its own platform. Amazon demands that to fight with counterfeit sellers, it has spent tens of millions of dollars and will continue to take severe actions against them. It seems that this legal response will continue at any circumstances.

What sellers can do if Amazon account is suspended for counterfeit

Sellers may or may not know that the products they are selling are counterfeit products. But as Amazon monitors all its products and vendors very carefully, so they can easily identify selling of counterfeit products and they have all the rights to go to the court or suspend that account.

Even if the seller is prepared, they can face such situation – may be because of the faults at customer end or its a strategy of the competitors to slow down the seller. Whatever be the situation, to reinstate, the seller has to have proper plan of action along with the proof of authenticity of their products.

Also in this case, an Amazon lawyer can help the sellers in preparing their plan of action. It is better to approach the lawyers as they are professionally qualified to support the sellers in a counterfeit case or Amazon lawsuit.

Sellers must do to avoid counterfeit selling:

If you are well prepared beforehand, then you do not have to worry. There are few measures that you must do if you really want to protect yourself from counterfeit lawsuits.

Study the products: Being a seller, it is quite obvious that you must aware of the know how of the products you are selling. You should study the product in such a way that you can find out on your own the authenticity of the product.

Research the Source – As mentioned earlier, before selecting any vendor do proper research on the vendor image, their work culture, certifications, mission, vision and everything as far as possible. From these points the authenticity of their business can be identified.

Documentation –This is the only help that you can utilize to come back in action if suspended. Always keep copies of all the invoices, packing slips, order forms, etc. Also make it sure that the documents you have provide all the necessary information like description of items, sizes, colors, origin, price, distributor contact information, dates, etc. In case any of these is missing then ask for it from your vendor.

Provide exact information to customer about what they will get – while listing your products, see the prospects from customer’s point of view. They may put a complaint if the product is not what they are expecting. So the description, images along with availability, color, quantity etc. must be put in real to avoid any conflict.

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