Amazon Account Specialist for Reinstatement Services

Amazon Account Specialist

Amazon is one of the best marketplaces for everyone. It is the fastest-growing online business al-around the world. Whether a seller or buyer, Everyone is happy with Amazon. But sometimes it becomes painful and frustrating for the seller when the account get suspends by their mistake.  At this stage, the seller needs an Amazon account specialist for reinstatement.

Who is Amazon account specialist?

The Amazon account specialist is a professional who understands the Amazon working mechanism in a very proper way. They are the ones who are aware of the policy and they have their own trick and strategy to tackle all the problems related to selling on amazon.

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Why you need an Amazon Account Specialist?

As we know that the Amazon account always remains at stake. Your one mistake can deprive you from selling products and deprive you of availing the benefits from Amazon. So amazons account specialist keep this thing always in your hand and you can deal with the suspension issue very easily.


Amazon Account Specialist

Amazon Reinstatement Service:

It is very pity for the seller if the account gets suspend. There are two main reasons for the suspension:

  • Violation in the rules and policy of Amazons such as selling of the counterfeit product, handling multiple accounts, violating the intellectual property, etc.
  •  If the seller’s performance is not good such as getting of more negative reviews on your listing, the order defect rate is higher than the estimated rate and the late drop shipping rate is higher than the fixed-rate by Amazon.

Fortunately, the seller gets a chance of reinstatement, They need to follow some proper procedure of reinstatement. Being a seller, you need to craft a plan of action for your reinstatement. You should hire an Amazon account specialist. If you will craft appeal letter on your own the improper procedure of reinstatement can completely ban your account. The Amazon account specialist has the ability and experience of crafting plan of action.

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We the Vintek system have the best attorney to fix the Amazon seller account issue. You can contact us on our toll-free number any time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are always available to help you. We have a team of expert who has specialization in handling reinstatement. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial our toll-free number. We are always available to help you.We have succesfully reinstated more than 5 accounts in the last 7 days.

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