Amazon A to Z Claim Management

Amazon A to Z Claim

Amazon A To Z claim understands by its name. That is a to z claim covers order issue from start to finish. Amazon wants to make sure that it can offer the same quality to their customers even for items sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers on the platform.

Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee two things – the delivery item of your item and the condition of the product. This is a place in the Amazon market to protect buyers’ Amazon values. If a customer faces any problem he can report to Amazon and the Amazon team reviews the reported problem and determine if the customer is eligible for a refund or not.

If you are an Amazon seller and you are hit with an Amazon A to Z claim. So don’t take it lightly. Amazon could suspend or terminate your account. And if you have too many a to z claim it can damage your seller account.

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A customer files Amazon A to Z Claim if they meet the following reason given below:

  1. If the item is not delivered by 3 calendar days past than the maximum estimated date or 30 days from the date of order.
  2. If the delivered item is damaged, defective and materially different.
  3. If the customer refunded according to the Amazon return policy but the customer does not get a refund.
  4. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the delivered product.
  5. If the customer wants to return the product but the seller does not provide returning address, don’t provide a prepaid label, offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned.
  6. If the customer has been charged extra addition to the purchase price.
  7. If the customer returned item in line with Amazon’s policy but the seller has not been refunded the correct amount.
  8. If the seller has not provided a return address, pre-paid return label, or offered a full refund without return for international returns.
What should be the planning of third party seller To avoid facing Amazon A-to-z claims:

1- Inventory Management:

You need to manage proper inventory because the maximum number of orders may result in stock out that causes a delay in delivery.

2- Delivery Windows:

The seller needs to offer an only delivery date that can realistically meet after time calculation this can greatly affect sales but if you miss the delivery estimate time it can hurt business more.

3-Monitor Deliveries:

The seller needs to keep track of all deliveries. Buyers are not required to report failed delivery before filing Amazon A to Z claims. To avoid claims, the seller must take some measurement must be taken to ensure timely delivery or communicate with buyers and offer solutions before buyer get angry.

4- Optimize your shipping processes and product packaging:

Purchase tracking for your shipment which will help customers to check the status and update of their shipment for tracking. They don’t need to contact you. There will impact your tracking rate if you do not provide tracking. For valuable shipment, you can also purchase signature confirmation Next, you need to package your product very carefully to avoid form the damage during the delivery. At the last, you need to confirm your shipment reaches on time according to their expected ship date. If the product is not delivered on time this will impact your late shipment rate which is another reason for not winning the buy box.

5-Be specific with your product descriptions:

Before listing the product on Amazon match your listing against ASIN (Amazon standard identification number) and be sure the list is in the right condition or not? You have to be careful during listing check the product it should not be second hand or used item. Check the product expiry date its authenticity. The title such as brand product, line, color, size, material or key feature should be placed in such a way that places the most relevant keyword. Write product description very well which helps in conversion. The clear and high-resolution image of the product will help you in ranking in the search result. The product with a white background with clear lighting makes your product image attractive. Highlighting the benefits and uses and offer of the product.

6-Respond to emails in a timely manner:

Be careful and attentive to the emails dropped by the customer. Try to quick response within 24 hours as soon as possible to ensure flawless customer service.


From the above information, you all have understood about Amazon A to Z claim management and what are the planning of third party seller to avoid facing A-to-Z claims, if you exceed more than one claim per 100 orders, your account may be at risk of suspension from Amazon. Be careful for your response time the accuracy of the listing. If you have any other issue related to  A to Z claims. We have an Amazon lawyer expert team, they are well known about all the aspects of the Amazon A to Z claim. If you have any queries or required for any service, then contact us by dialing our toll-free number. We are always available to you.