Terms and Conditions

General Abbreviated Rules for all services:

  1. We will notify you within 30 days of any price increases or service changes by way of email to the registered address we have on file for you.
  2. We do not tolerate any abuse of our network in any way. This includes using our systems or services for spam or any other form of illegal activity. We reserve the right to terminate your accounts immediately should we find this. We actively work with anti-spam agencies and the authorities relating to illegal internet use like child pornography, child abuse, animal cruelty etc.
  3. Contract terms depend on the payment option chosen: monthly or annually. If you pay monthly, your contract is 30 days rolling. If you pay annually (discounted) your contract is 1 year rolling and will be automatically renewed, invoiced and charged where applicable unless cancelled. You will always receive invoices for renewal of services at least 7 days prior to renewal and payment.
  4. By adding as credit card to your account with us, you are giving us permission to charge this for outstanding invoices when they become due. If you would prefer not to do this, you can remove the card or contact us to turn off automatic payment. Should an automatic payment be taken in error, we will reverse it as soon as possible and within 7 days.
  5. We do not monitor individual emails or content and believe in your rights to freedom of internet use. However, we also adhere to legal guidelines to provide information to authorities only if they have the necessary legal right and/or court order to request this.
  6. We do not have access to your passwords or payment details – these are all encrypted, even to us. We will require proof of identity by means of sample questions under circumstance where information may be sensitive (e.g., billing, password changes etc).
  7. We will not share your personal information, including email address, with anyone else other than to trusted companies acting on our own behalf (for example for monitoring/measuring feedback). Any company we share data with will not store the data and will not share any data outside of our use. All data we store is in compliance of the Data Protection Act and is securely encrypted at all times.
  8. We reserve the right to terminate services where invoices are not paid by the renewal date. In general, we give at least 14 days grace before deleting any data (sites or backup data etc) we hold.
  9. We will not charge any fees to transfer any services away – for example, domains or SSL certificates, where we will process the transfer away free of charge.


There’s nothing hidden or any rules that a reasonable person wouldn’t expect. Please see specific guideline for US and international domain names below also.

In addition to our general abbreviated terms and our full legal terms and conditions:

  1. Payment for domain registration and renewal is annually (or more if you select a longer period) in advance and must be paid prior to renewal.
  2. The default setting for our billing system is for domain auto-renewal set to on. You can change this on each domain.
  3. You will receive a renewal reminder 30 days and 14 days prior to renewal. Unless you have auto-renew turned on and a valid payment method set up, your domain will not be renewed when it expires and may be registered by someone else.
  4. Once registered the domain belongs to you and is registered in your name. Whilst we will be the admin and technical contact for you for the domain, you are free to move it anywhere you like and we will not charge you to move your domain away from us. As registrant, you have ultimate control of who’s nameservers and the contact details are set for each domain.
  5. You can choose to protect the information our registrar’s publish on their whois information by upgrading to privacy options on your domains. Please see our price list for details of these charges.
  6. We do not permit registering of domains for illegal purposes.
  7. Domain names cannot be changed or refunded once registered for you – even for spelling mistakes.
  8. You can transfer any domain away from us as a registrar free of charge. We will not transfer domains if your account has any balance outstanding.


There’s nothing hidden or any rules that a reasonable person wouldn’t expect. We try to be fair in terms of credit control, usage tolerance and migrations away and will always act in a manner fair to both you and us as a company.

In addition to our general abbreviated terms and our full legal terms and conditions:

  1. Payment for all email services, unless agreed otherwise, is in advance. Normally paid at least 7 days prior to the renewal date to allow for any problems.
  2. Contract terms depend on the payment option chosen, monthly or annually. If you pay monthly, your contract is 30 days rolling. If you pay annually (discounted) your contract is 1 year rolling. Terminating email service requires 14 days notice before your billing period end. There are no part-month or part-year refunds.
  3. We require 14 days notice of termination notice prior to your renewal date to avoid being charged for the following period. This can be from the primary email account but we recommend recorded mail.
  4. If you opted to pay by credit card you are agreeing to continuous authority to charge the card we hold on file (securely) until the service or contract is terminated
  5. We do not permit spamming in any way shape or form. If you are sending bulk emails they should be in compliant with US law. We operate a responsible mail system and so have limits on the number of emails you can send each day and a 50 recipient CC/BCC maximum.
  6. As part of our anti-spam monitoring, we reserve the right to suspend an account should any spam-like activity be detected.
  7. We do not accept liability for loss or loss arising from failure to receive or send emails but will do everything we can to trace and correct any issues.
  8. We do not keep archived backups of your email box. Our live mirror is just that, a mirror backup of the live state of your account. If you delete email from your account, it is gone forever. We can advise on email backup strategies to avoid this.
  9. We reserve to right to ask any email account, giving them 30 days notice, to move their email to another provider for any reason (whilst this will only be in extreme cases). We will refund any full months paid. We will terminate accounts without notice for users sending spam or using their email or hosting facilities for illegal activities without refund.

Reliability of Email
In reality email is never a perfect science or system. Email can get lost (extremely rare) or can get wrongly identified as spam. Whilst we do everything we can to prevent any errors, it is possible. We log all email traffic for 90 days and can trace everything within our network based on the email headers only (we do not store the body of emails, nor log any of it’s contents – outside of the emails being stored within your own account folders on our server).

We don’t have direct access to the content of your emails or password, therefore no-one else can access them without your username and password.

We are often asked if emails can be intercepted on the internet or indeed if we can read peoples emails. Just like normal mail, the answer to both is yes. However, our staff cannot easily read the content of your emails on their systems but can see the headers (to, from, subject, dates and size information). It’s incredibly difficult for us to then read the body of your emails but it is possible. It does not happen though – we deal with millions of emails per day and staff are not permitted to use any methods to read the email content (only key members of staff have the actual ability to do this and it has to be approved by senior management and for very good reason or a court order). If you don’t want email to be intercepted on the internet itself then you should use encryption software. SSL encryption, which our system uses, only works if the recipients email system uses SSL or TLS too. If this is the case, the email body is encrypted from end to end and cannot be read until it reaches the recipient. If you want advice about how to make your email more secure, please contact us.