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Benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA

Benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon - FBA

World’s biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon is growing enormously to reach every corner on earth. To manage its huge customer base, Amazon offers Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA to its sellers so that the sellers can fulfill customer demands.

FBA solves the biggest problem of shipment and helps the sellers to access to Amazon’s world class fulfillment resources, free and fast delivery options and the best customer service. Sellers just need to keep their inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center and Amazon will store the inventory, pick up the right product, pack them all and deliver the orders to your customers and provide all other customer services.

With FBA various offers of the sellers become more visible and competitive. The FBA listed products are eligible for one day delivery and provide free delivery options to the customers. Fastest delivery is one of the prime requirements, today, to win the competition. When Amazon is taking care of the entire after sale services, the sellers can concentrate on developing and enhancing their selling.

Once you start selling your products on e-commerce platform, you will get engaged more in dealing in product delivery and store management. You need to create a separate department to deal in various issues related to shipment. After sale services are quite time consuming and yet the most important feature of business.

On the other hand, demand for fastest delivery is rising day by day. To meet such demand sellers have to pay more on shipment.

Amazon FBA service takes all the pain of shipment and delivery to relieve the sellers and delight the customers at the same time. Sellers are happy to sell and customers are happy to buy. Your business can benefit with the expertise and the most advanced fulfillment network in the world. Best of all, FBA helps you to reach more customers and rank your business.

Benefits of using Amazon FBA services:

  • Saves time to focus on your business: As Amazon stores your inventory and take care of shipping to your customers, it saves huge time that you can utilize to focus on selling, promotional activities and market research for the growth of your business.
  • Helps in building customer trust: As Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce platform, customers equally trust Amazon’s FBA for its world class packaging, shipping, customer service and returns policies to contribute in your brand benefits as well.
  • Easy payment method: The flexible rate structure of FBA offers you to pay only for the services you use. There is no other additional subscription fee, no minimum units and no start-up fees to continue listing your products in FBA.
  • No pain for growth: With FBA you get quality time to concentrate on your business activities and at the same time fulfilling customer services. This will boost up your growth tremendously.
  • Customer’s retention: FBA supports customer service and product returns. With as fast as one day and free delivery of FBA products, customers will keep on coming back to your store making the customer retention program easier.
  • Pay on delivery payments: With FBA, Pay on Delivery or Cash on Delivery option is also there which can make customers happier.
  • Amazon Prime: If your products are listed as FBA products, then they will automatically become eligible for Amazon Prime, to avail unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery options. It enhances customer shopping experience and increases customer demand and loyalty.