Amazon Appeal Letter

Having your Amazon account suspended can be a terrible experience.  One moment, you are in business and taking orders, and the next moment, your Amazon selling account suspend with less or no notice and you are out of business and the funds in your seller account frozen.  If an Amazon employee thinks you have violated their selling policies, you could end up with a suspension from Amazon and your selling privileges could be removed forever. To top it off, Amazon will offer little or no guidance as to why your account was suspending and won’t discuss it with you.  Don’t be agonized to hit that appeal button right away! You require to address all of the specific points in their allegations and tell them the methods you plan to put into place to make sure that another violation does not occur. We can help you via our Amazon Appeal letter service.

Reasons for Suspension of Amazon Account :

  • Inauthentic complaints
  • Policy Violation
  • Blocked ASINs
  • Order defect rate
  • Performance Suspension Violation
  • Linked Accounts
  • 24/7 amazon suspension for infringement
  • 24×7 Amazon Suspension for late shipment
  • Seller Account Suspension for dissatisfaction rate
  • Amazon Suspension for Copyright

Suspension of Amazon may Influence you a lot & may cause:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration.

Our Customize Appeal will contain 5 Important Points:

  1. Illustration of the issues. What is the reason for the issue or complaints? Give background.
  2. Description of the steps you have taken to solve the issues. Be real and display ownership.
  3. How have you taken caution of the customer(s)? Did you offer a refund, a replacement, and good customer service? Give specifics, not generalizations.
  4. Offer a preventative plan of action to guarantee it will not happen again. Give solutions, not blame.
  5. How much potent revenue is being lost each day due to your suspension? Your partnership for Amazon should be advantageous for both parties.

Now that we’ve defined the essence of the appeal content, it’s important to consider other factors that will weigh heavily on how Amazon reacts.

How are we difference with our Competitor


Through our Amazon Appeal Letter Service, we treat our customers like family & teammates.  We will recover your suspended account with the support of e-Commerce expert team who have years of experience in dealing such issue. We know the value of your task & time thus we offer the best support from our side.

Moreover, we reach out as often as we can to make you feel as if nothing is happening without your acknowledgment. Everything we do is clear, and we would love to obtain a similar form of communication from you, our customer. We wish you to feel as if you are working alongside a friend of yours. Call on +1 844 444 4171 or fill the form”

How to appeal an Amazon suspension Once you have done your writing Plan of Action (POA), you may then able to send to Amazon for the evaluation.

To post your POA you’ll need to take the subsequent steps


  1.     From the Performance dropdown in Seller Central, choose Performance Notifications.
  2.     Find the suspension be aware which you received, click on the Appeal button, and then the Appeal Decision button.
  3.     In the shape provided, input the information of your Plan of Action. Including a phone number in which you could be reached for the questions.

4.     Click on Submit Appeal and your appeal could be dispatched to Seller Performance for evaluation.